Station wildcard: parkas!
Station wildcard parkas

Station wildcard: parkas!

You may have heard that the weather in São Paulo is pretty crazy. Spring has started, but it is impossible to leave the house for more than 3 hours without taking a coat! In this mid-season climate it is always difficult to choose the wildcard pieces that will work all day, right? In addition to the classic denim jackets, the parkas are excellent options for these more “confused” days!


I’m sure a lot of people think the parka is too heavy, but it is one of the wildest pieces you can imagine! You can use it with dresses, skirts, shorts, pants … Besides, it looks great in looks with a footprint Street.



Photos – Moda It | Sincerely, Jules | Repellent for man | Steal the look | Steal the look | Van Duarte | Glam4you | Getty Images

The parkas also provide the ideal counterpoint in a slightly tidier production. The long models are excellent for those looking to give a disguise on the hips, helps to lengthen the silhouette ? As if they were not enough reasons to convince you that the parkas are great options for that season, look at how many incredible references:



Photos – Vogue English | Steal the look | Pinterest | Feed Puzzle | Repellent for man | Exchange

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