Stay at home or hotel?

Stay at home or hotel?

When we travel we have many concerns; hosting is certainly one of them. Have you ever imagined staying in a dirty hotel, being poorly attended or staying in the house totally removed from the tourist sites? Yes, these are points that we should always research before going into a cold.
It is increasingly common to have friends and acquaintances who have stayed in houses or apartments of local residents in the destination city. Many of them have already had incredible experiences, became friends with the owners and had the ideal stay. Others have had less than pleasant experiences like the dirty place or the bad location.
In reality, we can also experience terrible situations in poorly chosen hotels. That is why I decided to show you the positives and negatives of staying in hotels or houses / apartments of places.

Houses or Apartments


Foto – Airbnb apartment in Paris

The Airbnb website is one of the most famous in the world for renting accommodation (rooms or whole house), but there are also others with the same proposal, such as Wimdu and Couchsurfing. They are very simple and bring very interesting options to spend a season. But it is clear that there are positive and negative points:


  • Price – The price paid for a full apartment night in NY, for example, is much cheaper than a hotel night.
  • Spacious accommodation – You decide the size of the room or apartment you want.
  • Local experience – Usually the spaces are in residential neighborhoods and this is great for getting to know the culture of that people even more.
  • Space owner – Those who choose to rent rooms can have a very enriching experience with a local (owner of the apartment or house), knowing a little more about the daily life of the population.
  • Exclusive Guide – Many owners of the places, who will not stay at home during their stay, leave a role giving more peculiar tips on tours, restaurants and bars in the region (something that differs from the more traditional tourist guides).
  • Flexible hours – In this type of accommodation you don’t have to worry about missing your breakfast or the maid who will clean your room; it’s all up to you!


  • Privacy – You may share the space with someone else (owner or other guests). So it is worth researching and knowing what you are looking for.
  • Cleaning – Despite having very clean and organized spaces, you are the one who takes care of cleaning the room during the stay.
  • Location – Pay attention to the location of the house / apartment. Check for metro or train stations nearby.
  • Safety – It is good to research a little about the neighborhood you will be staying in. Hotel security is often superior.
  • Bookings – What is good can become a negative point. The reservation needs to be made in advance and it is not like a hotel or hostel that you can try to enter when you arrive in the city.
  • Do it yourself – Usually, you are the one who will cook, prepare breakfast and, of course, go up with the luggage alone. You have to go prepared to have a more local experience!



Photo – Hotel Peninsula Paris

I almost always choose this option and I know that there are many good points. It just doesn’t help to think that any hotel will do; you have to know how to choose. The positive and negative points you can check here:


  • Stewardships – Room service is one of the best perks of hotels. This ends up making the day-to-day trip much easier and gives you enough rest when you are in your room.
  • Safety – Usually good hotels are very well located (close to subway stations and city sights).
  • Cleaning – Daily cleaning always helps in our organization. Arriving from the promenade with the bed made, towels changed and a clean table is very cozy.
  • Employees – Any problem you have a specialized team to help you. Scheduled tour purchases and restaurant reservations can be made without leaving the hotel.
  • Survival kit – If you forget your shampoo or adapter, you will probably be in your room by now. If not, just call the reception and ask to deliver; no rush to buy at the last minute.


  • Price – Booking good hotels is usually much more expensive than renting houses or apartments.
  • Internet, Vallet and breakfast apart – Remember that several hotels charge for these additional services. All of this will make the tour even more expensive.
  • Standardized experience – You do not live with locals, the guides are the same for all guests and your experience ends up being very limited. Our contact is much greater with other foreigners than with city residents.
  • Lack of flexibility – Breakfast has time to end and, if you want a clean room, you will have to wait for the maid to pass on your floor.
  • Bad service – Sometimes the hotel looks great in the photos, but does not have a service to match. For this reason it is very important to research as much as possible before booking.
  • Limited space – When you take a room, your “own” area is restricted to it. When renting a property, you can choose to have the entire apartment.

Have you decided what type of accommodation you will choose on your own trip?

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