Step by Step for a Make Light!

Step by Step for a Make Light!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been very adept at making very heavy and completely matte a few years ago. Time has passed, makeup trends are changing and, today, the less products the better! There are so many reasons why my relationship with make has changed that I don’t even know where to start, but two of them I need to mention!
The first change – and I think the most important one – is that I started to take much more care of the skin on my face with specific treatment creams. When we take care of the skin’s health, the “need” for a very heavy make-up ends, right? The second reason is that using fewer products is much more practical on a daily basis.
Whatever the reason for wanting a smoother makeup, here are some simple tips to achieve this result ?


Step by Step for a Make Light!

Photo: Jessica Felicio via Unsplash

More fluid foundations, BB or CC creams are excellent allies in a natural and light make-up. For those who have deeper pimples or dark circles, it is worth investing in a heavier concealer and only apply it in the regions that bother you.
Light bases are good for smoothing the skin, but they aren’t even needed every day, right? I myself, when I’m not on recording days, let the skin breathe as much as possible!


Step by Step for a Make Light!

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Look, if there is a step that I don’t skip even on rush days, it is the correction of the eyebrows. I’m not talking about making a perfect drawing with pencils or shadows, but at least a mask that gives more volume and keeps the strands in place is essential!


Step by Step for a Make Light!

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I’ve never been a big fan of eyeshadows and that’s why I don’t think there’s any need to use the product on a daily basis. The eyelash mask makes all the difference. Although it doesn’t weigh, it helps to open your eyes and highlight this region!
Now, if you find a product too little for the eyes, there is a post here on the site with 5 tips to highlight the look in a simple and smooth way ?


Step by Step for a Make Light!

Photo: Keiko Lynn

The illuminators have lived items of desire in recent times, after all, a glow skin has never been so cool. For a more natural and lighter effect, liquid and creamy products are the best options.
Illuminators without glitter particles can even be used together with the base for a more luminous effect on the whole face, but everything is a matter of taste ?


Step by Step for a Make Light!

Photo: Guest Comments

As I said, creamy and liquid products are the best options for those who want a more natural make-up. This is not only true for various illuminators, but also for blush and even bronzers.
Despite the lighter effect, these products are very versatile – a creamy blush, for example, can be used on the lips and eyelids!


Step by Step for a Make Light!

Photo: @namvo

We hardly think of light makeup with impacting lipstick, so the more neutral and moisturizing options make up the look well. In addition to balms with or without color, the gloss has returned with everything in recent seasons.
My preference is for the colorless versions that can even render a modern glossy make ?


Of course, each one will find the specific products for their skin type, but even so I wanted to make a very complete list with 10 suggestions that I love and have everything to do with this type of makeup!
I hope you like it and feel free to leave more tips in the comments, ok?
Step by Step for a Make Light!
1- Gosh Lumi Drops Illuminator at The Beauty Box – R $ 64.90
2- Sephora Benefit Benefit – R $ 65.00
3- BB Cream Anti-Aging With Sun Protection SPF 80 from Dermage at Sephora – R $ 108.00
4- Klasme Lip Gloss at Época Cosméticos – R $ 45.00
5- Benefit Gimme Brow Plus at Sephora – R $ 129.00
6- Vult Fluid Base at Época Cosméticos – R $ 30.18
7- Benefit Watt’s Up Illuminator at Sephora – R $ 165.00
8- Maybelline Sensational Eyelash Mask at The Beauty Box – R $ 42.90
9- Clinique Chubby Stick Blush at The Beauty Box – R $ 139.00
10- MAC Pro Longwear Concealer – R $ 110.00

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