Still with the summer bronze – only with makeup!

Still with the summer bronze - only with makeup!

It’s been a while since the summer ended, but that doesn’t mean that the tan needs to go! In fact, with the heat it’s been doing, you can still take a pool or beach in peace, right?

best-bronzers-how-to-use-where-to-find-danielle-noce-2 Photo – South Street Coletivo

Even so that beautiful little color starts to leave at that time. The bronzer is an indispensable item for those who enjoy staying with the color of summer all year long! Besides, it can easily replace your blush, you know?
The application is super simple, just pass well on the bones of the cheekbones. You can also bet on the product right at the top of your forehead, nose and chin – just be sure to take it easy on the amount of product!

best-bronzers-how-to-use-where-to-find-danielle-noce-3 Picture – Swatch Girl

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