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A film to cheer up the chocoholic hearts! The long Chocolat (Chocolate in Portuguese) with interpretations of great actors as Juliette Binoche, Johnny Depp and Judi Dench takes place in 1959 in a small (fictional) village in France called Lansquenet. Actress Juliette Binoche was nominated for the Oscar for best actress for the film. Binoche plays the role of Vianne Rocher, a single mother who travels taking the chocolate and your knowledge of cocoa around the world. The film shows a woman without prejudice, a nomad who follows the wind wherever she goes with her daughter Anouk – the wind guides them. Vianne arrives at the village and finds the challenge of persuading residents with chocolate in the middle of Lent.

The character rents a confectionery and calls it Maya Chocolaterie, transmitting their knowledge about the candy. However, the confectioner finds a conflictual relationship with the Count of Reynaud, the site leader. What at first seems to threaten the success of chocolate shop, because the count begins to poison the heads of the people of Lansquenet against the pastry chef . Then, Vianne begins to realize that the people of the village live on appearances and do everything to keep them.

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The film carries a sensitivity, with well-constructed and interesting characters. As the story unfolds, the confectioner begins to win over residents, win customers and create bonds. Each person who tastes his chocolates changes and we can see during the work that candy wields power, transforming people, revealing their deepest desires and qualities, just as the Mayan civilization believed.
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With a linear narrative, the film takes a light and beautiful script. And with each scene, we can feel ourselves salivating for the beautiful sweets that the confectioner creates in her store. I recommend you watch the movie enjoying a very chocolaty dessert! In addition, the soundtrack and photography are impeccable with scenes in which the actor Johnny Depp who plays Roux, a gypsy who arrives at the place shows his musical skills with a guitar and draws sighs from the female audience! ; D
film-chocolate-julia-sardenberg-taste-of-cinema-scene-roux-e-vianne-violao-ickfdSource: Challenges

Direction: Lasse Hallström
Year: 2000
Duration: 122 minutes
Actors: Juliette Binoche, Johnny Depp, Judi Dench, Lena Olin, Carrie Anne-Moss, Alfred Molina and Peter Stormare

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