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Housewife Evelyn, played by the renowned actress, Kathy Bates, lives unsatisfied with her marriage and on a visit to her aunt Vesta in a retirement home for the elderly with her husband Ed meets a candle, 83-year-old widow, called Ninny Threadgoode (Jessica Tandy). The lady loved to tell stories and during the course of the film, the housewife starts a friendship with Ninny when she hears all her stories.

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The script for the film takes place during 90s and 30s, with two different narratives. Cleo tells the life of her relative Idgie Threadgoode in the 1920s, a woman who ran away from the standards, a free spirit who thought ahead of her time and is the heroine of history. The candle tells how the character became this strong and heroic figure. How did he lose his brother Buddy when he was a child beside Ruth, daughter of a family friend. The two saw the young man being hit by a train while being stuck on the tracks.

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Buddy she was the only person who understood her sister, who had a strong and unique personality since she was little. With her death the girl isolates herself from her family and grows up going to the city to play poker, fish and drink. Idgie becomes an adult, meets again Ruth Jamison at her mother’s house and the two start a friendship. Each with opposite personalities, one is free, independent and does not care about the opinions of others. And the other introspective, devoted to the church and seen as a lady.

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At the end of the summer, Jamison marries Frank Bennet and move in with her husband. Idgie promises herself never to see her friend again but receives her mother’s incubation to deliver a pie to the young couple, upon arriving home she discovers that Frank beats his wife cowardly and that she is pregnant.

With the death of Ruth’s mother, the friends are reunited at the young wife’s house and confront Bennet who is threatened by Big George, a man who works and takes care of Threadgoode since he was little. The characters manage to escape and receive a generous loan to open a cafe in the city, the Whistle Stop Coffee. Things start to go well in the cafe.

The young women create the recipe that gives the film its name the famous fried green tomatoes. But happiness is short lived because Frank tries to kidnap Buddy Jr, ends up failing and disappears. With the disappearance of the man, an investigator visits the site and begins to suspect the owners and Big George. Bennet’s truck is found in the vicinity of the Whistle Stop and the fault lies with the girl and her faithful friend. The two are taken to court but as there was no evidence to convict them the case is closed.

Upon hearing this story, Evelyn begins to take inspiration from her and try to change her self-image and the way she behaves with her husband. The middle-aged lady who used to live to serve her husband starts to follow Ninny’s advice, gets a job and starts exercising.


Idge is the type of character that generates adoration, in one of the scenes in the film the girl shows surreal courage when she goes to a tree full of bees, puts her hand inside the trunk and harvests fresh honey among several flying bees. At that moment, it is as if the chaos of the bees calmed the chaos within her.

The film received 2 indications to Oscar, in the categories of Best Supporting Actress and Best Adapted Screenplay. The story is essentially about friendship, courage and the wonderful fried green tomatoes that make us salivate at every scene! With a sublime, sensitive and reflective history in the realm of human relations and the role of women in society this is a long to see in the hours of lack of inspiration. But get ready to try this eccentric recipe with your eyes and wish you were inside the movie enjoying this wonder!

Fried Green Tomatoes
Director: John Avnet
Year: 1991
Duration: 2h17 – 130 minutes
Cast: Kathy Bates, Jessica Tandy, Mary Stuart Masterson, Mary-Louise Parker, Cicely Tyson and Chris O’donnell.

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