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The film tells the story of an unlikely friendship. THE friendship between a man and a mouse. In the first scene we met Remy, a rodent with highly developed senses and a lover of Auguste Gusteau, French cuisine chef. The plot is set against City of Light, Paris. And to make the film more than 4,500 pictures of the city were taken to be used as reference during the filming.

Auguste Gusteau, believed that anyone can cook. And that belief is very clear throughout the film. The Remy mouse that lived hidden with his family in a lady’s house is discovered and expelled with his family. The little animal ends up getting lost in the family during the escape, steals Gusteau’s book and in his mind begins to talk to the cook.

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The illustration of the chef who comes to life is his only companion until the mouse finds the restaurant Gusteau’s and accidentally enter the kitchen. Remy, who meets Alfredo Linguini, a clumsy and newly employed young man, tries to help him season a soup that the boy with no knowledge of haute cuisine ends up spoiling. The mouse then uses his keen skills to season the soup before trying to escape the restaurant. But the waiter of the establishment without realizing what happened serves the soup made by the rat and receives high praise from the culinary critic Solemn Leclaire.

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The chef Skinner, Gusteau’s replacement discovers the animal’s presence and charges Linguini to kill him. However, the boy in an act of mercy saves the rodent and starts a friendship with the little creature. And then Skinner asks the boy to reproduce the soup, and the new friends realize that they can take advantage of the relationship. The young man hides the rodent under his chef’s hat and is controlled by Remy, like a puppet managing to make the human reproduce the correct movements for cooking.

Skinner asks the tough cook Vest teach Alfredo Linguini cooking and from that learning a loving relationship arises. In addition, the new soup recipe gains public attention and the place begins to regain its previously lost reputation.

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During the feature, we discovered that the chef in Gusteau’s place creates frozen and industrialized versions of food. Something the chef in life would never allow. And the viewer realizes in each scene that the man who is in the place of the great French chef is a despicable man who does everything to profit at the expense of the image of the late owner of the establishment. But the real villain in the story is Anton Ego, one of the greatest critics of gastronomy, who with the return of fame at Gusteau’s decides to return to the place and try the best dish of the house.

Ratatouille won the Oscar for Best Animation in the year of 2008 it is a Golden Globe, not to mention that everyone who dreams of being a renowned chef should watch it because the long is inspiring. And how many of Pixar’s animations could be considered for kids and adults for having a smart script with a story that can appeal to all ages. After all, history is a full plate, addressing the importance of friendship, humility and the courage to follow dreams.

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I recommend that you watch it with your family on a Sunday after eating a big meal as the dishes made in the animation appear to be delicious! And the curious thing is that more than 270 types of food on a computer for this film. With each of the dishes being made first in a real kitchen and then photographed for reference.



Director: Brad Bird

Year: 2007

Duration: 1h 50

Cast: Patton Oswalt, Thierry Ragueneau, Brad Garrett and Janeane Garofalo

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