Stock Footage: The Grande Hotel Budapest

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Oscar is already knocking on the door and a work nominated for the best film and eight other nominations could not fail to be in this cine-gastronomic column, right? And, of course, to live up to the name of the space here on the blog, the film needed to have some detail that would lead us to the pleasures of good old eating. The Grand Hotel Budapest brings this and more.
The plot of the film is a delight to the eyes, ears and heart. It makes us feel the taste of childhood, as when we sat next to someone who told invented stories, and the aesthetic of the imagination is translated through the vibrant colors and unexpected cut scenes (if you asked me one of the most attractive things in the film, I think that the answer would follow).
The feature is told by two voices: that of the writer (Jude Law) who visits the already decadent Grand Hotel Budapest, in 1968, and that of the adult Zero Mustafa (F. Murray Abraham), the apprentice of our main character: Monsieur Gustave ( played by Ralph Fiennes, Harry Potter’s Voldemort – but it would be unfair to remind him of him just because of that role; the guy starred in the movie Red Dragon, a continuation of Hannibal Cannibal and also in the excellent feature The Reader, along with Kate Winslet, recalls ?).
Zero Mustafa adult remembers the moments of glory of his life since he became the “lobby boy”, a kind of messenger and handyman in the hotel, of the Grand Budapest. The year is 1932; the place, an imaginary little town in the European Alps. Zero (Tony Revolori), preteen of Arab origin and mustache finely drawn in Cajal pencil, approaches the most memorable figure of the hotel, the concierge Monsieur Gustave, known for his vanity, power of seduction (he only likes the older ones) and the soul of a frustrated poet.
Apprentice and master, the two friends get into trouble as soon as Gustave discovers that one of his mistresses, widowed and very rich (Tilda Swinton), was murdered and left him, in his will, the greatest treasure of his fortune: a very rare painting. From there, the adventure begins. The children (very strange – they are like a gothic-scary version in the colorful universe of the film) do not rest until they have the complete inheritance in their hands and insist on using violence to achieve this goal.
All interpretations are worth taking your hat off. In addition, Wes Anderson, the director of the film, chose highly skilled actors to compose the story. In addition to those mentioned above, there is also Bill Murray, Adrien Brody, Owen Wilsen and the young Saoirse Ronan, a couple from our lobby boy. In the film, Zero falls in love with the darling and, with the pardon of the pun, sweet confectioner Agatha, who makes the most delicate and delicious sweets in the region. Are the courtesans au chocolat from the chic Mendel’s confectionery. The candy consists of three “chouxs” filled with chocolate cream and topped with icing sugar, milk and coloring. It is almost like a tower version of Saint Honoré that Hortense, character in the first film in that column, The Flavors of the Palace.
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Doesn’t it make you want to eat? Preferably, watching this incredible movie. Kiss!
Screenplay and Direction: Wes Anderson
Year: 2014
Soundtrack: Alexandre Desplat

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