Stock Footage: The Seasoning of Life

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This film surprised me. As soon as I saw the DVD cover, I became interested in the story of the boy with a dreamy air and the phrase, also on the cover, which invites any food lover to venture into the plot: “Cinnamon, sweet and ardent like any woman; Pepper, spicy and burning like the sun; Salt, used to give life more flavor ”.
Tempero da Vida is a class of family relationships, geopolitical issues and cooking as a protagonist in the most important moments of a person. Don’t be alarmed if the film looks “old”. Despite being released in 2003, the scenes are not blockbuster-style; the story takes place now in Greece, now in Turkey, and tells about the life of Fanis, a boy who has always been involved with food. Papus Vassilis, his grandfather, is a wise man who loves to teach his grandson the secrets of spices from his warehouse in Istanbul, Turkey. A condiment, even if used in the wrong way, he says, serves to prove a point of view.
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That’s where the cinnamon comes in. In Greece, this condiment is used in various preparations – both sweet and savory – and throughout the film, it is there to conduct some scenes of disappointments, passions and secrets. For Fanis, each discovery is a new world, and he does not delay in locking himself in the kitchen to reproduce the most traditional family meals. This point is important: I talked up there about you learning geopolitics while watching the movie, right? The plot follows the drama of the Fanis family, composed by the father, Greek, and the mother and grandfather, Turks. The boy was born in Istanbul and has two very present cultures in his creation. In 1964, when the Turks came into conflict with Cyprus (a Greek island located in the south of Turkey), more than 30,000 Greeks were expelled from the Turkish country with the right to take only personal belongings.

Fanis is forced to live in Greece with her father and mother, away from her greatest teacher, her grandfather, and her first love, Saime. Always waiting for Papus Vassilis to visit him, the boy grows up and becomes an (g) astronomus (this you will discover only if you watch the movie), ready to unveil the secrets of the stars and the ingredients at hand.
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The Seasoning of Life is a set of details that intertwine in order to show that the beauty of living is delicate and tasty, so that the story is told in three very familiar acts for those who are used to food. “Starter, Main Course and Dessert” are the curtains that mark the times of Fanis’s life. Everything packed with a wonderful soundtrack.
Politik Kousina
2003 – 1h48
Director: Tassos Boulmetis
Cast: Georges Corraface, Başak Köklükaya, Themis Panou

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