Straw Bags nothing obvious!

Straw Bags nothing obvious!

Since last summer, straw bags are no longer accessories only for beach looks and of course we are grateful! I love to invest in versatile pieces and with accessories it wouldn’t be different, right? Smaller and more structured models are already dominating the spring / summer collections and the streets ?

Straw Bags nothing obvious!

Photo: Honestly WTF

Transverse round bags, with a touch of leather on the buckle and strap, are certainly the most common and easy to use in everyday life! Because they are more structured, they combine with summer productions even in the city!

Clutches are also excellent alternatives for those who still do not have much confidence in using texture in their daily lives. Because they are smaller models, it gives more boldness in applications and colors! Pieces with leather and pom pom are great options.

The bucket or picnic basket models are great for those who want to dare. Joining two trends in the same piece is more complicated, but the effect on the look is instantly fashionista. My tip is to use with more basic clothes so as not to weigh ?

The same goes for the rectangular and cylindrical models that are also more impactful, see? If you, like me, enjoy smaller pieces and with unusual design, these are the best alternatives!

Straw Bags nothing obvious!

Photos: Diana 212M and Couturezilla

Finally, there is nothing more fair than talking about the big models that once dominated the sands. In addition to very handcrafted pieces that have a more beachy feel, there are currently dozens of classic models produced in the material and even with details in leather or metal handles. Super cool, right?


Of course, I selected some pieces that I love in the material for those who want to guarantee a model full of bossa ? There are 10 bags of the most varied styles and, of course, prices!
Straw Bags nothing obvious!
1- Lenny Niemeyer’s Silk Straw Clutch at Shop2gether – R $ 398.00
2- Uru Mini Catarina Mina Bag at OQVestir – R $ 349.00
3- Nannacay Toquilla Bucket Bag at Shop2gether – R $ 485.00
4- Dafiti Artestore Straw Bag – R $ 289.89
5- Nannacay checkered straw bag at Farfetch – R $ 490.00
6- Farfetch Nannacay ‘Camera Camera’ Bag – R $ 398.00
7- Bolsa Maria Leque by Nannacay at Shop2gether – R $ 398.00
8- Artestore Straw Bag at Dafiti – R $ 369.90
9- Trapeze Bag from Loucos e Santos at Dafiti – R $ 229.99
10- Clutch Pompom Sofia by Vix at OQVestir – R $ 268.00

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