Street food from European capitals

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When we do a Europe trip, it is common to visit many countries in a short space of time. Therefore, most of the time we give priority to getting to know your capitals! We spent a lot of time on the street exploring these big cities and, if you look closely, almost all of them have one thing in common: the presence of stalls or kiosks selling some very typical food.
In general, typical sweets of the country. They end up being much cheaper options than the traditional trade and bring a very authentic way to taste the destination. They sure make the travel experience more special! We have separated some destinations and their traditional delicacies to help you get straight to the point when you travel. Enjoy!
Gelato in Rome
There is no sweets more characteristic of Italy than gelato! To enjoy the European summer well while exploring the alleys of Pomegranate under high temperatures, it doesn’t get any better. Roman gelaterias have an incredible variety of flavors. Nothing like the quality of the handmade and creamy version of the product in your country of origin!
Click here to check one gelato tour through Italy – you will become an expert on the subject; D
gelato-latartinegourmande-ickfd-italiaSource: La tartine gourmande
Crepe in Paris
There is no shortage of crepe kiosks in Paris. Sweet is one of the greatest traditions of popular French cuisine! Nothing like buying a crepe and eating looking at the Eiffel Tower or sitting on the edge of the Seine. There are many filling options, but the version with Nutella is certainly one of the best.
Street-crepes-sweets-europe-ickfdSource: Wikimedia Commons
Brussels Waffle
Nothing more typical of Belgium than waffle. It is a classic of the country’s gastronomy and one of the most popular sweets found on the streets of Belgian cities. They are usually sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon or accompanied with whipped cream, chocolate or fruit.
Traditional Liège Waffle Recipe
Churros waffle recipe
Gluten / lactose-free waffle recipe
Street food from European capitalsPhoto: Paulo Cuenca / ICKFD
Pastel de nata in Lisbon
It is not for nothing that cream puffs have been so successful here in Brazil recently. It is the most popular sweet in Portugal, as well as being a delight. You can find pastéis de nata at every corner in any bakery in the city, but you can’t miss the chance to taste the originals, called Pastéis de Belém. They are served warm, sprinkled with sugar and powdered cinnamon. If you want to check out an unmissable place to taste delicacies, click here.
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Pretzels in Berlin
THE Pretzel it is already a sweet that is also present in Brazilian territory. It is a knot-shaped baked dough that can be covered with sugar, cinnamon, chocolate, nuts, etc. In Germany, however, the most common is salted version. It is best known as a brezel in Germanic lands. They say the best are in Bavaria, but for sure you can also find good pretzels in the German capital.
Pretzel recipe
Vegan Pretzel Recipe
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Trdelník in Prague
What you find most in Prague’s squares and street markets are trdelník. The candy is a ringed tube made with a dough that resembles the Pretzel we have here in Brazil. It can be filled with Nutella, chocolate, caramel, coconut, jam or other options.
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Kanelbullar in Stockholm
Kanelbullar (or cinnamon cake) is a traditional swedish bread which can easily be found in any Stockholm bakery. It is a very common item for breakfast in the country and is made with a thin pastry with cinnamon.
Source: Mike Bohle @ Flickr

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