Streets and avenues you need to know in São Paulo

Streets and avenues you need to know in são paulo

I keep sharing with you tips of the places I travel to, but I almost never show my day to day in the city I have lived in for many years: São Paulo! I like the insane movement of the city and the thousands of possibilities of what to do in it – there is always something super cool going on and lots of amazing places to visit.
Brazil, Sao Paulo, Edificio Copan by Oscar Niemeye

Photo – Brasil Post

I thought, then, to give you some tips of the places I like most in the city! I decided to start by talking about five streets and avenues that I always walk and love – and there’s a lot of incredible stuff in each one, see?

Paulista Avenue


Photo – Marcos Hirakawa

One of the most famous postcards in the city of São Paulo could not be left out of this selection, could it not? Despite being a cliché, I confess that I love this avenue. There, you will find several shopping malls (I love the Sao Paulo city), restaurants (large chains), galleries with very cheap products and, my favorite part, a very busy cultural life.

Beyond the classic MASP (Museum of Art of São Paulo) and your very famous span, you can stop by House of Roses, no Itaú Cultural and even in the cinema at Cultural Reserve that always has good films on display ? You can still enjoy Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm to stroll and get to know the region – the avenue is open to pedestrians and cyclists, you can even walk your dogs or take a walk!

Augusta Street


Photo – See

Continuing through the center, Rua Augusta is one of the most famous streets in the city – and it’s not just for the bustling nightlife! The side of downtown augusta, from paulista to the center, is full of bars and clubs that are crowded every night. It is worth seeing which one best suits your style: it has super alternative places as well as more pop ballads.

On the other side, already in the Jardins district, the street has a different face. Many good restaurants and super good fashion and accessories stores. I need to talk about two stores that I love on the street: The Priest’s Wife it’s at iNBOx! The first is my favorite place to buy stripped-down T-shirts with super cool prints; the second has the most beautiful shoes and differences of life !!

Anyone who wants to know this more noble side of Augusta needs to walk along some parallels (Haddock Lobbo and Bela Cintra, for example) and the famous lanes with Rua Oscar Freire and Alameda Lorena. You can go down Augusta to Rua Estados Unidos and find cool places along the way!

Harmony Street


Photo – Exam

Rua Harmonia is my favorite in Vila Madalena, although I love the neighborhood as a whole. This street is quite big, but it is worth walking it in one piece. The stores there are super cool and have a footprint that I love – including the Farm there is beautiful to die for, it is worth spending passar.
In addition to the thousands of clothing and accessories stores, you will find decoration stores – I recommend Oppa Design that has several wonderful things !! As if it were not enough to do good shopping, you will see several bars and restaurants there.

THE Lá da Venda, which I have even indicated on video, has some delicious snacks, delicious desserts, freshly brewed coffee and even sells kitchen items!
It is also worth mentioning Rua Aspicuelta, which is a Harmony street, and has the same footprint – there is one of my favorite places in São Paulo, The Cheese Shop <3

Galvão Bueno Street


Photo – Gladys Russo

The street starts right outside the Liberdade subway and, on weekends, you are already faced with a fair full of cheap and delicious food! Anyone who prefers to go during the week, with less movement, can start the tour around Praça da Liberdade – there are some restaurants and even the YoGuTi which has frozen jabuticaba yogurt, super different!

The grocery stores scattered throughout the street will make you go crazy. There are several Japanese foods that you can only find there, really. You will also find some shops of games and toys, everything that those who enjoy the Japanese culture will freak out.

But for me one of the paradises of Liberdade is the Ikesaki – this perfumery has everything you can imagine in the world of cosmetics and the prices are very good!

Rua dos Pinheiros


Photo – Hélvio Romero / Estadão

Anyone who wants to eat well needs to go through Pinheiros, see? I chose this street, because it concentrates several good restaurants like Meat, but the whole region is full of great places to eat – cafes, bars, hamburgers … There’s a little bit of everything!

Even though it is not exactly on the street, but on the corner with Rua Francisco Leitão, Z Deli. Those who follow me on snap and instagram know that this is one of my favorite places in the world to eat! As if it weren’t enough, right on the parallel, at Rua Artur de Azevedo, you find my other darling: the King of Fork (KOF) – everyone deserves a nice breakfast there.

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