Stress relief The secret remedy for too much stress and frustration
Stress relief the secret remedy for too much stress and

Stress relief The secret remedy for too much stress and frustration

What helps against stress, if you want to calm down and relax at the end of a strenuous day? Cleaning and looking at a sparkling clean apartment can help relieve the stress of everyday life.

Can cleaning help reduce stress and relax? That sounds unusual at first. But actually: Slipping a mop over the kitchen floor for a few minutes or vacuuming through the apartment has a calming effect for some people. It helps them lower their stress levels, just like meditation does for others.

While we’re already cleaning: With this trick, your garbage can will never stink again!


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Why can cleaning be relaxing?

Are you one of those people for whom cleanliness contributes to a lower level of stress in everyday life? Darby Saxbe, assistant professor at the University of Southern California (USC) gives some explanations for this phenomenon: “Cleaning gives people power and control over their surroundings,” she told the online magazine “”. Life is full of uncertainty and there are many situations that we are not in control of. But at least we can exercise our will in our living space. “Clutter in the apartment can also be annoying and often acts like a constant nagging reminder of unfinished business and tedious housework,” she explains.

For many people it is important that they can fall back on something that is good for them internally with relatively simple means. They find it frustrating to live in a cluttered environment where it is difficult to find the things they need, adds Saxbe. In her research, she points out that women who perceive their home environment as stressful and stressful are more prone to depressive moods during the day. Those who experience their living space as strengthening, on the other hand, express far less often that they suffer from depressive moods.

Not everyone has the same feeling for cleanliness. People are often very different in this regard – a fact that everyone knows who has discussed the subject of cleaning with someone who has a completely different attitude to cleanliness. This can be traced back to very individual personality traits. In general, however, it can be said that people who like to clean are more conscious and more detailed. On the other hand, people who don’t like cleaning tend to be more spontaneous and less organized, notes Saxbe.

Cleaning also needs to be well organized. This is how you can avoid mistakes!

Woman cleans stove

So it stays clean longer
We all make these mistakes when cleaning

Cleaning is a hassle. You can find out here how to properly clean your home comfort zone so that it stays clean longer and the vacuum cleaner can stay there longer!

Evolutionary: cleaning rituals help against stress

The stress-reducing effects of cleaning can also be traced back to a psychological reason that is based on evolution. Some people remember rituals – and that includes cleaning – to reduce the stress that flows into them from other areas of their life, says Martin Lang. The anthropologist from Masaryk University in Brno, the Czech Republic’s second largest university, conducts research on ritualized behavior.

“The human mind wants to predict things,” he explains his point of view. “We would like to know what can happen because this knowledge helps us survive and draw resources from our environment.” When we are out of control or when we find that things are chaotic and unpredictable, it may even instill fear. From an evolutionary point of view, this is a helpful stimulus, adds Lang. “He urges us to take precautions and control our environment, so it cannot happen that something surprises us and possibly even harms us. “

Caution: The incorrect handling of cleaning agents can quickly become dangerous.

cleaning, losing weight, calories

Protect health
Study shows: cleaning is almost as harmful as smoking

Cleaning is annoying, that is clear, but is it also harmful to your health? Yes that’s it! Cleaning can damage your health almost as much as smoking. You should therefore pay attention to the following tips.

When cleaning is not just relaxing

In extreme cases, however, a person’s intense relationship with cleaning can also be an indication of what is actually a larger problem. For example, fear of pathogens or environmental pollution can be signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder, according to the US National Institute of Mental Health. The obsession with arranging things symmetrically or in a perfect order, excessive cleaning and arranging objects in a precisely predetermined manner can also indicate a disruption. In contrast, research suggests that people who are perfectly comfortable living in the dirt have declining activity in the insular cortex of the brain and almond kernel.

More than a side effect: those who do the housework are also doing something for the slim figure

Woman listens to music while vacuuming and has a lot of fun doing it

That little household …
Housework instead of sport? That’s how many calories cleaning really does burn

Do you also lack the time and inclination for regular visits to the gym? Then we have good news for you: Daily work around the house also burns calories – and not that little.

Are there any other simple remedies for stress?

If cleaning up or using the vacuum cleaner is just fine for you after a hard and busy day, that’s perfectly fine. Washing dishes, tidying up your room, or working in the garden are usually just as good ways to reduce your level of stress and frustration. If you add the thanks from your roommates, cleaning is worth twice as much.

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