String art: the craze for lines!

String art: the craze for lines!


Photo – Woman Tips

Surely you have already found yourself browsing the internet with amazing pieces of String Art. But what are they really? These works look simple, but the effect is charming!
I love to test these things and I found several tutorials both on Youtube and on Pinterest. I selected some of them for beginners. Just click on the photo captions to access the full tutorials.

Photo 1 – Make + Haus / Photo 2 – Jey Loves Kev / Photo 3 – The Things She Does

In addition to the colored lines, the materials vary depending on the basis. If your surface is the wall, as in the second image, or a wooden panel, you will need nails; if the base chosen is a cork, you can use pins or taxinhas.
In addition to words and objects, other things I love about this comic and panels are animals:

Photo 1 – Delapudious / Photo 2 – Pinterest / Photo 3 – Nine Red

Unfortunately I didn’t find their tutorials ? Of course, we can have a template as a base, just play on Google “Geometric Animals” and you will be inspired a lot when creating your piece!
Several artists have wonderful works with this type of technique, I selected my three favorites:

Kumi Yamashita


The Japanese artist has several canvases using the extremely meticulous technique. Every detail is important to make this effect wonderful. Those who look from afar cannot even know exactly how it is done, but with a closer look the impact is even greater.

Maurizio Anzeri


The Italian use famous portraits to apply their art! Stronger color lines are essential to create contrast with PB photographs. It’s all very psychedelic and strange in a good way, right?

José Romussi


Jose is Chilean and started dedicating himself to art in 2010. Even with little time, Jose has already become well known on the internet thanks to his works intervening in old photos of ballerinas. The work is super impactful and full of surprising details.

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