Strong bones, great skin Too little estrogen during menopause? This helps

Strong bones, great skin Too little estrogen during menopause?  This helps

The female sex hormone is not only responsible for fertility. The effects of estrogen affect many other body functions.

Estrogen has many allies

Estrogens are female sex hormones. They are made up of various other hormones such as estrone, estradiol and estriol. If you have enough of them, you will feel that in which your female body with all its functions and also your psychological well-being are in balance. If you have menstrual cycle problems, problems getting pregnant, or mood swings, there may be a deficiency. Then you realize how important this female sex hormone is for you.

The hormone is produced in the ovaries, in the adrenal cortex or in the placenta during pregnancy. Did you know that men also have estrogens? Their testicles produce this hormone.

Estrogen and its effects

The female sex hormone has many functions that are of great importance for your health, beauty and general well-being. You can find an overview of the most important effects of estrogen here:

1. Estrogen for strong bones

A stable, healthy bone needs three things: vitamin D, calcium and estrogen. You owe it to the female sex organ that your body can repair damage and rebuild bones. As estrogen levels drop with age, the repair process slows down over time. In the worst case scenario, women with a lack of estrogen are prone to fractures or osteoporosis.

2. Estrogen for flawless skin

Perhaps you have already noticed that many pregnant women have a beautiful, velvety complexion – one speaks of the “Pregnancy Glow”. Indeed, estrogen has the effect of interacting with collagen, which is what makes the skin so attractive. When the level of estrogen drops, the skin becomes thinner and drier. Wrinkles can form. Then it’s time to give your skin extra pampering.

3. Estrogen for a strong heart

We now know that, among other things, a high level of the female sex hormone estrogen can protect our heart. Therefore, fewer women develop heart disease before menopause. According to a Danish study from 2012 with 1006 women, it could even be proven that hormone replacement therapy can prevent heart failure and heart attack.

4. Estrogen for a good mood

Scientists have not yet fully deciphered the effect of estrogen on our mood. However, it is known that the female sex hormone increases serotonin levels. As a result, more happiness hormones are released. During this phase, you will mostly feel energetic, good, and happy. If the estrogen drops, the cheerful mood quickly disappears. You may know this from the days before your period or after your pregnancy.

If your weight just doesn’t want to drop despite dieting, these hormones could be to blame!


Diet frustration
You are not losing weight? These hormones could be the reason!

Most of us want to lose a gram or two, but sometimes we just don’t want to achieve success, despite renunciation and self-discipline. This could be due to hormones.

Estrogen deficiency? That can help

From time to time almost every woman suffers from a deficiency in the female reproductive organ, estrogen. Especially during menopause and after menopause, it is quite natural for the estrogen level to drop. This can lead to some problems. If you feel bad, you should definitely speak to your gynecologist first. If you are not interested in hormone therapy, you can also help yourself with natural means:

  • Soy products several times a week

  • Treatment with red clover capsules or red clover tea

  • Eat plenty of pomegranate or drink pomegranate juice

  • One to two cups of hop tea a day

  • One tablespoon of pumpkin seeds daily

  • Tea preparation: Mix 15 g blackberry leaves, 30 g bloodroot, 30 g goose fingerweed, 15 g blueberry leaves, 50 g lady’s mantle herb. Boil 3 teaspoons of it in a liter of water, strain and drink during the day.

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