Study points away! These products make you fat

Study points away!  These products make you fat

It’s time for a confession: Do you often eat convenience foods? If so, you’d better keep your hands off it in the future! Researchers have now found out how fat frozen pizzas, cereals and the like really make you.

For some it is certainly no secret: Ready meals are always suspected of being unhealthy. While it’s often easier to reheat and eat a frozen meal quickly, it’s not necessarily better for your health. It wasn’t until last year that scientists found that processed dishes can increase cancer risk. Another study puts ready meals in a bad light: New research has shown that you can eat more with frozen pizza and the like and gain around one kilogram within two weeks.

The study

Ten women and ten men took part in the research of the American scientists. The goal was to find out how processed foods are related to obesity. For two weeks they ate three meals a day, which consisted of ready-made meals. They were allowed to eat as much as they wanted. In these two weeks alone, the participants gained around one kilogram.

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Second phase promises better results

Following the first phase, the 20 participants ate according to a meal plan for two more weeks. This time, however, only fresh food came on the plate. By the end of that time, the women and men had lost the same weight as they had previously gained about half a kilogram a week. However, the people examined felt more or less equally comfortable in both phases.

However, it was noticeable that during the first two weeks the subjects consumed around 500 more calories per day than during the time with fresh food. In both phases, the participants got their meals prepared and did not have to pay for them themselves.

Further studies needed

The scientists did not investigate the reason for the weight gain any further. However, they point out that finished products often contain increased amounts of sugar, fat and sodium, but that they contain little protein and fiber. The study cannot provide any information about the long-term effects of unhealthy diet either.

At the end of the study, the researchers write that the results of the few participants cannot be transferred to every single person in everyday life.

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