Study Proves Whether you lose weight does not depend on your calorie intake

Study Proves Whether you lose weight does not depend on your calorie intake

Count calories? Avoid fat? And just no carbohydrates? Predict 1 has what it takes to challenge some of our nutritional principles. Because the British-American study claims: How much we bring on the scales depends above all on very individual factors.

The results of the investigation are so astonishing that a classification should be right at the beginning. According to “Mail Online”, Massachusetts Hospital and Stanford University from the USA were also involved in the project alongside the renowned King’s College in London. With the enormous expense of around 24 million euros, more than 1,100 participants were examined, the majority of whom were identical twins.

The makers themselves speak of a basic study and the participating London professor Dr. Sarah Berry confirms that some of the results were “a big surprise” to science.

Calories are not the decisive weight criterion

Study leader Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College and one of the world’s leading diet specialists, explains in the magazine “Good Health” that the studies are capable of turning our current thinking about nutrition upside down in many ways. Thus “the results suggested that calorie intake is a greatly overrated criterion for weight gain”. Using them “does not make sense in practice because people react very differently to foods with the same number of calories”.

Sarah Berry also confirms that the usual food labeling with its information on fat and carbohydrates is basically “useless”. The so-called macronutrients – carbohydrates, proteins and fats from which the human body derives energy – could “explain less than 30 percent of reactions to food”.

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Change lifestyle and control weight effectively

If neither caloric intake nor genes are the deciding factor, the question arises: what is it then? The answer of the participating scientists: the personal lifestyle is decisive. For example, it is about how long and how deeply a person sleeps, which physical activities they develop and how high the stress factor is.

Dr. In this context, Berry points out that the study calls for a rethinking: “So far, specific lifestyle factors have never been part of nutritional advice, but this study suggests that they can have a major influence on the effects of foods.”

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For those who are desperate for their weight despite dieting, there may be good news behind these results. Instead of fasting and counting calories every day, changes in your personal daily routine could bring the longed-for breakthrough, a weight as you wish. But a balanced diet does not replace this.

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