STUZZI – Vegan ice cream in SP

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Since a great vegan friend had just arrived from Canada and was probably colder than in São Paulo, on a “winter” day that was 30 degrees, we decided to go to an ice cream parlor in the region for a refreshment!
I already knew this ice cream parlor, precisely because of the vegan ice cream alternatives. As I said and speak (ALL THE TIME), I am super boring and demanding with food. I have already tried some ice cream alternatives without milk, and for those who have had a lot of ice cream in Italy, the cut note is high! LOL
Some ice cream parlors have alternatives to cool off on a daily basis, some sorbets are not all bad, but when it comes to pasta ice cream, creamy flavors, I haven’t tried any that are as good as the Stuzzi!
He owes nothing to milk-based ice creams and they managed to get out of the usual vegan fruit ice cream and made creamy flavors like chocolate, nuts and pistachios! And those who know me know that pistachio is my favorite flavor OF LIFE.
I opted for a two-flavored cup, vegan pistachio and hazelnut (milk based). The vegan is nothing behind the milk-based ice cream. Very tasty, excellent texture and creaminess!
The refrigerator doesn’t have many flavors, in general. It must have about 12 flavors, of which approximately 4 are vegan. Not many options, but the ones there are really good. For connoisseurs of ice cream / gastronomy that lead the vegan lifestyle or are sympathizers, it is worth trying!
In addition to the ones I took, I also tried the mix of chestnuts and chocolate, also vegan and also excellent.
For some time now, the ice cream shop (which is also a cafe), is adding vegan foods, drinks and sweets to the menu and I was even told that there is more news to come that is not yet on the menu!
The negative point is that of the vegan foods that day, the only one available was the muffin (Later on I want to go back and eat the mushroom pie that I didn’t have on the day and, who knows, try the new foods!). My friend asked for one Brownie it is a Cappuccino Stuzzi Vegan and I even ordered one Cappuccino Freddo Vegan. About the brownie, I found it very tasty, soft, tasty, sweet just right … of course, a little different from the brownie with eggs, but I didn’t think it was due. I would buy and eat with all the happiness in the world!
Now, the vegan coffees, both mine and his did not satisfy us. I can’t explain exactly what was missing, but I missed the creaminess in his cappuccino and even mine, which came with ice cream, gave me the same impression. The chocolate used had a stronger essence and I thought it didn’t go very well … For my taste, something was missing. = /
There are two units in São Paulo. I was at Vila Madalena, which is on a corner and very close to the subway, very easy to reach.
Stuzzi is a tiny house, it doesn’t have many places, but on a sunny day tables and chairs are placed at the front and it is super tasty! For those who enjoy spring and summer (or possibly Brazilian winter, right?) You can cool off well!
About prices, like everything that is made with high quality ingredients, it’s kind of salty (ok, pun infamous rs).
Small cup (up to 3 flavors) R $ 11.50
Large glass (up to 3 flavors) R $ 19
Brownie $ 10
Cappuccino Stuzzi Vegan R $ 12
Cappuccino Freddo Vegan R $ 16.50

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