Substitutions for Vegans and Vegetarians

Substitutions for Vegans and Vegetarians

Only those who are strict vegetarian or vegan know how difficult it is to find desserts that do not contain anything of animal origin. After all, people always wonder if it is possible to make a cake without egg and milk – or even without other simpler ingredients, as in the case of butter.
However, the replacement of these elements is relatively simple – just understand the function of each ingredient within that preparation. To help you who follow this type of food, I have listed some of the most necessary substitutions to make a very tasty and completely sweet cruelty-free!


Substitutions for Vegans and Vegetarians

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The replacement of the egg is closely linked to the reason for it being in that recipe. When used to make the dough more wet, the tip is to use banana puree, in Apple or of pumpkin. The banana one ends up leaving a light flavor, but nothing that takes the shine off the other ingredients in the recipe.
In the case of eggs for growth, the combination of vinegar and yeast or water with oil and yeast are the main alternatives. Regarding the egg to bind the dough, the best suggestions are flax seeds/sizzles with water. Oh, and in that case let the mixture rest for about half an hour before using it, okay?
Finally, in the case of the egg used to leaven, the yeast or the agar manage to fulfill this function. To know the amounts better and have more detailed information, take a look at this post.


Substitutions for Vegans and Vegetarians

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I believe that milk is the simplest ingredient to replace. As we explained to you in the post of comparison between animal and vegetable milk, the main difference between these two categories is that the one of vegetable origin contains less fat. Taking this into account, it is clear that the dessert will taste slightly different. However, it is not something that completely interferes with the recipe or the taste of the sweet as a whole.
Overall, vegetable milks how of chestnut and peanut have more starch. For that reason, it reduced the amount of gelatinous ingredients a little if they are needed for the recipe. Even the amount of corn starch can be less, since its main function is to make the dough or cream more full-bodied.


Substitutions for Vegans and Vegetarians
Not everyone knows, but gelatin is of animal origin. Most of the time it appears so discreetly in recipes that many people end up even forgetting to warn vegetarians or vegans about this ingredient.
But, if you are going to make your own candy at home, just replace it with agar. Never heard of the ingredient? It has the same properties as ordinary gelatin, but it is extracted from algae! Like gelatin, it can also be found in blades or powder.
NOTE: agar yields much more than gelatin, since its gelling power is greater. For this reason, be careful when dosing it ?


Substitutions for Vegans and Vegetarians

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Butter is also a product widely used in the preparation of cakes and sweets, such as brownies, cookies and pie dough. However, there are several other alternatives that fulfill the same function. As in the case of milk, some alternatives end up leaving a residual taste in the dessert. But, as always, it is nothing that gets in the way of flavor.
The first option that everyone thinks about is margarine. However, practically all brands put a minimum percentage of milk or animal fat in the preparation of this product. To circumvent the problem, bet on Homemade “butters”, coming from oilseeds like chestnut, a almond it’s the coconut. THE avocado pulp it is also rich in vegetable fat and its consistency is even similar to that of butter. In addition to these alternatives, the olive oil can also be used!

Cream cheese

Substitutions for Vegans and Vegetarians

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Anyone who accompanies me knows how much I love using creamy cheeses in recipes, like cream cheese and mascarpone. For those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, this element is also not excluded from substitution.
To achieve the same consistency as a cream cheese without using an animal product, you will have to make your own cream at home. THE cashew nut cream alone, for example, is already a good solution. If you think the consistency is not good, add tofu without fear! Other ingredients that can be included in this recipe are salt, lemon, brewer’s yeast and tahini.
I hope these tips help some of you! Remembering that some of them are valid not only for vegetarians and vegans, but also for lactose intolerant ?

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