Success story This woman lost 40 kilos – and still eats sweets

Success story This woman lost 40 kilos - and still eats sweets

About 6 years ago, Adrienne Walter was at a low point after many desperate attempts at dieting. Read here how she managed to completely transform her life.

It wasn’t that long ago that Adrienne Walter weighed many pounds more and was deadly unhappy with it. Several attempts at dieting had only helped her lose weight for a short time.

Sport was a foreign word for the British woman. Then came the turning point, typically in a fast food restaurant. Today Adrienne Walter is more than 40 kilos lighter and at least as much happier.

How Adrienne Walter changed her life

When Adrienne Walter was ordering food in a restaurant, a waiter asked her: “What’s it going to be?” She was shocked to see that the young man thought she was pregnant. That was the key moment for Walter.

As reported by the online magazine “”, a few months later she started the weight loss program “Weight Watchers” and lost 25 kilos in six months. Then she went on with no program and continued to lose weight.

Today she weighs more than 40 kilos less than six years ago. Above all, she manages to keep her weight permanently and is proud and happy with it.

This is how Adrienne Walter manages to stay slim

Losing weight with “Weight Watchers” is certainly not for everyone, but it was the ideal start for Adrienne Walter. For example, she learned to reduce her food portions and to change her diet.

Today she relies on lots of vegetables and healthy protein. Adrienne Walter doesn’t do without the cupcakes and special types of beer she loves, as well as a glass of wine from time to time. After all, when it comes to losing weight, it’s all about balance.

When it comes to sport, Adrienne Walter relies on group training and, above all, on diversity. While she started out exercising at home because she was ashamed of going to the gym, her workout routine now includes Zumba, spinning, HIIT and a variety of other classes.

This ensures motivation and there is no boredom. Adrienne Walter enjoys the many positive effects that a healthy body has on quality of life, starting with the fact that she is no longer out of breath after climbing stairs.

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Lose weight with or without a program – what Adrienne Walter advises others

There are many ways to lose weight successfully, but everyone has to find one that suits them. Adrienne Walter emphasizes this in particular. The young woman also gives the following tips for anyone who wants to do the same:

  • Don’t let setbacks discourage you. They are simply part of the process if you want to lose weight. Then it’s time to take a fresh turn and move on.

  • Document your progress.

  • Take care of people who support you.

Adrienne’s next big goal, by the way, is a 10-mile hike next summer with her boyfriend. After all, you grow with the challenges.

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