Succulents in every corner

Succulents in every corner

For those who love green at home, but do not have much patience to care for plants, succulents are the best options. Take advantage of the trend and bet on arrangements and compositions of vases in various corners of the house ?

Photo – Portal Casa

Because they do not require a lot of watering on a daily basis, care is simple and they just need a lot of light. In addition, if you like the effect on the decoration and want more lasting options, it is worth investing in artificial succulents – looking at it you will hardly notice the difference.
The plants (natural or not) look amazing anywhere in the house. Because they are small, how about spreading them in the most unusual places? Stairs, corners of shelves, shelves, windows … All environments are more charming <3

Photos – Oppa Design, Decoholic and Make it and Love it

Colorful and / or suspended cachepots bring an even more touch cool and fun for decoration. You can invest without fear!
Photos Р[email protected] (Pinterest), Urban Outfitters, Up to the last detail and Jess Vieira
For those who want a bigger arrangement for the dining room or for the coffee table, is it worth betting on a very large terrarium and mixing various species?
Photos – My life on Pinterest
Can you not fall in love and want to spread these beauties all over the house? I think not!

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