Sugar addiction in the sugar trap: You did not know these 5 facts about the sweet substance

Sugar addiction in the sugar trap: You did not know these 5 facts about the sweet substance

Sugar is not only sweet, it is one thing above all else: a real drug for our body. But why is that so? We clarify!

Whether sucrose, dextrose, raffinose, fructose, glucose or lactose: our favorite “substance” knows many names. That makes it so difficult for the layman to recognize sugar from the list of ingredients. Fatal: The crystalline food not only makes cakes & Co. really sweet, it is even very dangerous for our organism.

In the video above, we’ll tell you five facts why sugar is so harmful and why you should avoid it.

That’s why we use sugar

Dextrose during the exam, energy bars for in between meals, a delicious cake with coffee … In numerous situations we reach for the popular sweet snack. But why? Especially under strenuous conditions such as time pressure, tricky tasks or physical exertion, we long for something that gives us energy again. This is exactly what the sugar, which quickly passes into the blood, provides us with. Once consumed, we almost instantly feel light, comfortable, more concentrated, stronger and less nervous. A strong combination that is not without consequences.

Sugar does this to you in 0 to 15 minutes

Sugar attacks your tooth enamel in less than 15 minutes. Together with your saliva, it mixes with any latent bacteria it contains. This mix creates an acid that attacks your teeth.

Sugar does this to you in 15 to 30 minutes

After the sugary snack with acidic saliva has reached the stomach, it is next processed in the small intestine. There your body breaks it down into its various components and feeds it into the blood. Your pancreas then produces insulin to prevent your blood from becoming too high. The vital hormone acts like a key: it opens the cells for sugar absorption. Sugar, which the body does not need for energy, is sent to your liver. This deposits it in the form of fat deposits. If necessary, your body can fall back on this energy store at a later point in time. Your hips will be happy!

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Your adrenal glands are also not left out when consuming chocolate and gummy bears: the organ interprets the rapid rise in blood sugar as a result of severe stress and causes the heart rate to skyrocket. You also start to sweat.

Sugar does this to you in 30 to 45 minutes

Now the “chocolate makes you happy” hormone is increasingly being released in the brain: dopamine. It lifts your spirits, but only for a short time. At the same time, negative side effects are now spreading: Your blood pressure rises and the sugar causes stomach pain or flatulence, as it has really spread in your digestive tract. Was the sweet temptation worth it?

Sugar does this to you in 45 to 60 minutes

As quickly as your energy skyrocketed, it got back to where it came from, even lower. Sugar drops your energy levels below baseline. At the same time, messenger substances report the resulting hypoglycaemia to your brain. You will surely notice that too: You react puffy and irritable. Not only because you are hungry now, surely also because you are hungry again. Note: Fighting hunger with sugar, i.e. empty calories, is never a good idea!

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