Sugar sculptures

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Artist Joseph Marr, an Australian of British and Maori origins, developed a sweet project. After specializing in the technique with glass, Marr – who now lives in Berlin, Germany – decided to reproduce the shape of a human body and fill it with sugar, no less. Since 2010 he has been experimenting with sculptures made entirely of sugar, which are sometimes flavored with the aroma and color of raspberry, apple, orange soda, cola and even licorice. Each year, he launched exhibitions that represented sexual desire, rebuke and love relationships between human beings.
Here on his website it is possible to take a look at all the sculptures, from the beginning to the last, launched last year and entitled Vania. So that the sugar would not melt and the work could be preserved, he used polyurethane, a flexible plastic.
These first ones are part of the work “Together”, which served as decoration for a bar counter. Sensational!
sculpture-sugar-josephmarr-ickfd1 sculpture-sugar-josephmarr-ickfd2 sculpture-sugar-josephmarr-ickfd3 sculpture-sugar-josephmarr-ickfd4 sculpture-sugar-josephmarr-ickfd5 sculpture-sugar-josephmarr-ickfd6 sculpture-sugar-josephmarr-ickfd7 sculpture-sugar-josephmarr-ickfd8 sculpture-sugar-josephmarr-ickfd9

source: Zupi.

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