Sugar syrup points

Sugar syrup points

Preparing sugar syrup is not difficult, but many recipes can ask for different points. Do you know how to identify each one?
Here are some examples of types of sugar syrup points:
Fine Thread: It is when the syrup reaches a temperature of 101 ° C. When you pull it with your fork or spoon, a little thread forms that easily falls apart in a glass of water. The Thin Thread is used to make marshmallows and syrups.
Pearl: This point is widely used to prepare quindins and jams. You can identify it more or less after five minutes on the fire, by pulling the spoon and the syrup falling on a string and then in a droplet similar to a pearl.
Strong Wire: When dripping a little of the syrup in a glass of cold water, you will see that the drawings formed by it take time to come apart and the thread is thicker. To reach this point, it is necessary to leave the syrup a little more on fire, at 103 ° C. It is used for jellies and fillings.
Hair Point: With 106 ° C, the wires of this syrup are a little more resistant than the previous stage. However, they are still thin and brittle.
Soft Bullet: At 113 ° C, you can see the bottom of the pan when you stir the syrup. If you put a little bit in a glass of water, you can shape a little ball that falls apart easily. The syrup reaches this point after approximately eight minutes.
Mirror: When draining the syrup with a fork, it will fall on blades. It will be at 117 ° C and at that point, it is ready to prepare girl drool, candied fruit and a good bit.
Hard Bullet: Used to mirror sweets, like coconut candies, Bala Dura is the point of the syrup that, in a container with cold water, forms a ball quickly. The temperature is between 121 ° C to 129 ° C and, at this stage of the syrup, you will have a little work when cleaning the pan.
Sand: At 141 ° C, the sugar starts to dry at the edges of the pan, it looks like sand.
Caramel: It is impossible not to recognize this point, when the delicious smell of caramel will stay in the whole house! You reach this stage at 145 ° C.
Glazed: It is the maximum point, where the sugar concentration of your syrup will be 99% at 149 ° C-154 ° C. When you put a little bit into a glass of water (be careful not to burn yourself!), You will hear the noise of life breaking. This syrup is used to make apple candy, and adding a little vinegar will make it brighter.
Sugar syrup points
Sugar syrup points
In addition, you can obtain them with three types of syrup: thin, medium and thick.
The measures for each of them are:

  • 250g of sugar to 500ml of water, used in fruit salads and cooked syrups.
  • 250g of sugar to 250ml of water, for caramelized fruits.
  • 250g of sugar to 225ml of water, for caramels.

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