Summer decoration

Summer decoration

Of course, no one will change the furniture and all the decorative objects in the house because of a season. However, there are some very simple tips that will leave your home looking like summer!
Colors always make life easier! If you have more neutral furniture, you can opt for more colorful pillows and more striking objects! Leave the windows open and lots of light! This greatly facilitates the summer decor of the environment.



Photo 1 – Casa de Fifia / Photo 2 – Maura’s Stuff / Photo 3 – Love 2 Love

Flowers always save! Colorful, feminine, charming, Provencal … There’s nothing to discuss! When summer comes, the best thing is to fill the house with flowers – and the more the better!
There are several options of vases and flower stands. Use and abuse your creativity and leave the environment with your face!



Photo 1 – Style Me Pretty / Photo 2 – Brit + Co / Photo 3 – House with Decoration

Wood also helps to create that summer home atmosphere. Not everyone has a beautiful and flowery garden, but how about reusing your wooden boards as placemats or tree trunk boards as a support for pots?
In this Christmas atmosphere, how about also remodeling the stars and making them with wood? It is rustic, but very sophisticated!



Photo 1 – Making Home Base / Photo 2 – Deco Turbulence / Photo 3 – 3 Leap Frogs

Fruits also come in as part of the decor! I was dying to test these ideas of the lemons painted on my dishcloths, they look so beautiful! Besides, who knew that pineapple would be a great vase?
To leave the drinks on a barbecue or lunch, add some slices of lemon and orange to the ice! If you want, plants and other berries are also great suggestions!
Ready to make the house super colorful for the best season of the year?

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