Summer hair care

Summer hair care


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Those who live in the sun, beach and pool know the damage that these three things do to our hair: dehydration, elasticity of the hair, dryness and even a change in hair color. In the summer we need to be even more careful with the wires. In addition to sunscreen, there are several essential products to enjoy this season.
Leave-In, combing cream, protective fluids, treatment masks, ampoules … All these products help a lot to prevent damage caused by exposure to the sun, chlorine and salt. Blondes need even more care so that their hair is not greenish! I selected 5 amazing products for you to use this season and I’m sure they will make all the difference in your hair!

  1. Neutrox Sun, Sea and Pool Combing Cream at São Paulo Drugstore – R $ 5.79
  2. Pantene Summer Edition Ampoules Repair Pump at PanVel – R $ 12.90
  3. Aquaflora’s Protective Fluid in Beauty on the Web – R $ 21.90
  4. L’Oréal Professionnel Sublime Leave-In Solar Spray on Beauty on the Web – R $ 80.90
  5. Keune Smooth and Shine Reconstruction Conditioner Mask at Sephora – R $ 120.00

The products have an excellent cost benefit (even the most expensive). The first combing cream is super cheap and creates a protective layer for the strands that lose less water and does not let chlorine and salt penetrate the strands. Ampoules are cheap and magical solutions for a trip, for example! You can leave some in the bag and use once a week to moisturize.
I highly recommend this protective fluid from Aquaflora! In addition to it, the brand has a complete line to enjoy the summer: shampoo, conditioner, treatment mask, leave-in, illuminating fluid and protective fluid. The complete kit costs around R $ 150.00 but I guarantee it will be worth every penny – especially for blondes.
L’Oréal’s protector is great to take in your beach bag and pass along throughout the day! It protects from sun damage. Keune’s mask is one of those hair wonders! Nobody deserves to go to the salon every week, especially in the middle of a trip. The solution is to use these powerful and lasting products!

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I have some more tips for you:

  • Before entering the sea or the pool, always try to take a cold shower so that the wires already absorb running water (without salt or chlorine);
  • Make good hydration in the salon before and after traveling;
  • Whoever has hair with chemistry, avoid the tips of anti-residue shampoo – talk to a professional about the best treatment options at home for that time;
  • Test the product! The effects change a lot from wire to wire and that’s why it’s always interesting to test or get professional guidance.

Ready to enjoy the summer?

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