Dani noce lagoa ibiraquera balanco

Summer look for the first day of the year

The first day of my year was the most delicious and lazy thing in the world. I stayed in bed with Paulo and the doguinhos watching a movie that I will soon recommend here on the site for you.
At two o’clock in the afternoon we decided to go get something to eat, but I didn’t want to get too ready to go out and at the same time I wanted to keep myself in the mood for the new year and summer.
As we were just going to take a stroll in the center of Praia do Rosa and stretch out a little to see the view of the Ibiraquera Lagoon, I decided to wear a white godê knit skirt, a very light yellow T-shirt, flip-flops on the feet, in yellow and gold to keep you in the mood and to give that all special and feminine touch a pink flower headband.
To assemble the hair in this way that I did is very simple, you just need to put the tiara on top of your hair and pass the entire back of the hair inside the elastic of the tiara. There you go, it doesn’t take you a minute to do this – you can even do it in the car – and it still creates an ultra romantic atmosphere around you.
The day ended up being more incredible than expected and the energies are up there and renewed to start with everything this year that promises.
Is that you? How do you like to spend the first day of the year? Tell me a little how it was.
PHOTOS: Danielle Noce | @nocedanielle and Paulo Cuenca | @paulocuenca
1. For the New Year I painted my nails with Hema enamel number 808 and on top I gave a festive and cheerful touch with Impala’s Disco Ball.
2. Flat yellow Havaianas on the foot. I love how these shorter straps fit your foot and make you look more like someone who wants nothing to do with anything.
3. Super romantic and delicate white knit skirt | Le Lis Blanc
4. Yellow and super light t-shirt, for days with more sun and light | Farm Rio
5. The day was perfect and the Headband Camélia made me more feminine and fresh | Tula Casqueteria

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