Sunday in paris

Sunday in paris

Un Dimanche à Paris (4 Cours du Commerce Saint-André, 75006) is one of my favorite pastry shops in the city.

Photo – Daily Int

Although everyone loves the pies (which are delicious), my favorite sweets there are the macarons! The shell is crunchy on the outside and very soft (that candy texture) on the inside. This is the perfect point of the macaron!

Photo – Mike’s Travel Guide

The flavors are incredible: rhubarb with strawberries, passion fruit – here in France is super exotic – yogurt with strawberries, salted caramel… My favorite is ginger and lemon!

Photo – A Sunday in Paris Blog

Another thing that they are experts is the marzipan candy. I, in particular, am not in love with this sweet, but those who enjoy it will be delighted here!

Photo – Int Daily

One of the things that fascinate me most about Dimanche is the glass kitchen! If you arrive and they are cooking, you can see the whole process! For those who, like me, are passionate about confectionery, this tour is a must!

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