Sunset with Brastemp and Finish

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I’m in love with the sun and Paulo is more in love with the moon, but I love the sun. I want to make it clear that I’m not a beach rat and that I don’t like toasting and feeling like a breaded chicken with so much beach sand, but I’ve always loved looking at the sun. And there is no better time for this when he is born or sets.
As most of the times he is born I am sleeping (except when I go to Ilhabela and I wait for him to be born only to sleep later), of course I end up feeling his greatest influence and magnitude when he sets. I can spend a few good minutes looking and being enchanted by our star king. He gives life to everything, he gives life to life and I’m crazy about it. It recharges all energies and always does us a great good for the body and soul.
With the dishwashing I got from Brastemp and Finish, I ended up having more free time to watch the sunset even more and enjoy important moments that serve to have fun, reflect and love.
brastemp sunset
Photo by: Paulo Cuenca

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