Super simple planners to organize your life

Super simple planners to organize your life

The end of the year comes and all we need is rest. For that we have to organize ourselves a lot and program our routine in the most effective way. I, for example, keep changing my calendars, always trying to find the best way to visualize my appointments and tasks.
To-do lists don’t just need to be on our spreadsheets on the computer or calendar on the phone. Parties, birthdays, meetings and study schedules can be beautiful spread across the room or office.
I separated my 5 favorite ways to organize!

do it yourself


Photo – A Charming Project

Is there anything simpler than making a cute clothesline with our chores for the week? Just use a string, preachers, colored papers, ink and a permanent pen. Choose a color for each day of the week and write hang on the clothesline. The look is super cute and easy to see. I guarantee that it will be more difficult to forget your commitments.



Picture – Maple & Magnolia

A glass panel is ideal for an office. You will only need to organize the colors the way you like best and use a pen to write your appointments for the month!



Picture – Etsy

Tired of the calendar? How about using post it separated by color? You put it in order of urgency! If there is a last minute meeting, it is also super simple to change the order. Another tip is to separate by “department”. If we don’t write down our goals and objectives, even in the long run, they will never come true!



Picture – The 36 Avenue

Magnetic panels are already classic. You can even hang the wedding invitation at the end of the month! They are practical and great for your office!



Photo – Ultra Linx

I already told you that I love blackboard in decoration. Of course, the cutest monthly calendar couldn’t be missing! In addition to practicality and usefulness, the decor looks amazing! That’s why this is my favorite!

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