Superfood food trend: That's why we're all eating cactus from now on!
Superfood food trend thats why were all eating cactus from

Superfood food trend: That’s why we’re all eating cactus from now on!

Cactus? Can’t you eat, it’s got a lot of spikes. You can! And you will be amazed how much good there is in the little green pricks.

Superfood trend from the USA

Most fruits and vegetables are naturally very appetizing. Fresh and inviting, they are easy to pick and easy to prepare. Quite different from cacti. With their long spines they wither in the hot sun and give everything just not to be eaten. But that didn’t stop food bloggers from America from using cacti as a new superfood and conjuring up creative dishes on the table.

In fact, cacti are now considered the new superfood in the US. Not the whole plant, of course, but the fleshy leaves of the prickly pear. The idea is not new, by the way: In Mexico, cactus has been on the table under the name Nopelas for years. But since it became known what the little green stickleback can do, it has also been on the menu in more and more American restaurants. It is also part of new diets that show you how to lose weight with superfood.

Why cactus is so healthy

The cactus is full of vitamins, plus electrolytes and antioxidants. That alone would make it extremely healthy as a superfood, but real cactus friends attribute other positive properties to it: The ingredients of the super plant are also said to protect against heart disease and diabetes, and lower blood sugar levels. With just 14 calories per 100 grams of fruit, cactus is also an excellent filling supplement to any diet and thus helps you lose weight.


Food trend
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Pandan is the new food trend on the market and is now declaring war on avocado, matcha & co. But what can the green plant do and why is it so popular?

And what does a cactus taste like?

After cactus of course! Because it’s actually not that easy to compare its taste with another vegetable. The best thing to do is to try cactus yourself to assess the taste. The taste is also influenced by when the cactus is harvested. For example, if you pick it early in the morning, it has an intense lemon aroma.

Where can I buy edible cactus?

Of course you won’t find edible cacti in the supermarket. There are actually only large plantations in Mexico. The processed cactus leaves are then mainly exported from there to the USA. However, you can now find various small suppliers of seeds or adult plants in Germany from whom you can order.

How do you prepare cactus?

It is best to be very careful. The spines must of course be carefully removed. For your first experiments on yourself, we definitely recommend gloves in addition to a sharp knife. After that, there are hardly any limits to your imagination. You can enjoy cacti in a purist way. Brush them with oil, season them with salt and pepper and then cook them on the grill. Or you can put them in the blender with other fruit and vegetables and turn everything into a delicious smoothie. Pureed cactus leaves serve as the basis for soups, grated they taste good in salads or can be made into vegetarian potato pancakes. The cactus kitchen is still in its infancy; maybe you will become one of their pioneers.

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