Superfood ginger We would never have expected these 5 things from ginger! And neither do you

Superfood ginger We would never have expected these 5 things from ginger!  And neither do you

The spicy tuber is a real all-rounder. We’ll tell you eight good and healthy reasons why ginger should not be missing in your diet.

No other plant can match ginger so quickly. The yellowish-brown colored tuber has a richly branched rhizome. She will definitely not win a beauty award. The ginger more than makes up for this with its aromatic pungent smell and taste. But that’s not all! The hot substances contained in ginger really have it all. We would not have thought what kind of effects they could develop in our body.

We’ll tell you exactly which ones in the video above. Surprised

By the way: This superfood keeps your circulation going. But see for yourself …

Ginger and turmeric

Health from the roots
Ginger and turmeric are health miracles!

Medicine ascribes real healing powers to the miracle roots ginger and turmeric. We’ll tell you what positive effects ginger and turmeric have on your health.

1. Ginger helps you lose weight

The root plant stimulates the metabolism, has a calorie-burning effect and inhibits the feeling of hunger.

2. Ginger reduces pain

The gingerols contained in the root have an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect without causing undesirable side effects such as gastrointestinal bleeding or ulcers. Ginger is therefore used to combat headaches, back pain and joint pain.

3. Ginger helps against nausea

Ginger is your perfect companion for flights, ship and car trips. It ensures that the so-called vomiting center in the brain is not activated and that the stomach and intestinal flora are not disturbed. So on your next trip, you should fight your travel sickness with ginger. By the way: for those with a sweet tooth, there is also ginger chocolate!

4. Ginger helps with colds

The healing properties of ginger also apply to colds and flu infections. The essential oils of the root have a disinfecting and antibacterial effect and are therefore a perfect weapon against evil pathogens! Incidentally, it also works preventively

5. Ginger is a powerhouse

With around 500 ingredients, ginger is a really smart power pack. In addition to the essential oils, the tuber also scores with vitamin C and minerals. This gives you new energy, balance and a good mood.

6. Ginger is seasoning in many ways

Fresh, seasoned or pickled: ginger always has a strong aroma. It tastes particularly good in lemonade, tea, pastries or curries. It also gives meat, fish and soups that certain something!

7. Ginger is a hot number

The heat of the ginger manages 65,000 Scoville units. This is the size by which sharpness is measured. The Tabasco, which is often used for seasoning, on the other hand, only manages 2500 units. By the way, you can already tell how hot the ginger is when you shop: the larger the root, the more hot it is.

8. Ginger strengthens the eyes

According to new studies by the specialist magazine Molecular Vision, ginger even keeps our eyes fit: The tuber prevents or slows the development of cataracts in diabetics.

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