Superfood goji berries and walnuts?  We found something better: Noni juice!
Superfood goji berries and walnuts we found something better noni

Superfood goji berries and walnuts? We found something better: Noni juice!

Is superfood at the top of your shopping list? Then noni juice is just right for you! We’ll show you what this super fruit can do.

We have 150 arguments for you why noni juice is the best superfood ever. Because that is the number of health-promoting substances that occur in the noni fruit. We have summarized for you what the Indian mulberry does for your health.

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6 reasons why noni is the best superfood

For over 2,000 years, noni juice, the juice of the Indian mulberry, has been a traditional remedy and health cure rolled into one. Whether wounds, a weakened immune system or sleep disorders: Noni juice is always there and has been proven to improve your health. This is now also shown by various studies that have dealt with the superfruit. But first of all 6 reasons that make noni juice indispensable for you:

1. Iodine

This is good for your thyroid health. The thyroid hormones can work better and keep your metabolism in balance.

2. Iron

With a good supply of iron, your body can make hemoglobin. This red blood pigment transports oxygen into the cells and makes you alert and fit.

3. Calcium

You need calcium above all for your bone density and healthy tooth enamel. An important mineral that protects you from broken bones, bone loss and tooth decay.

4. Potassium

Potassium is important in creating nerve impulses. Above all, however, potassium helps to transport insulin into the blood and thus break down blood sugar. Without potassium, blood sugar stays up longer and diseases like diabetes are favored.

5. Magnesium

With magnesium you not only prevent muscle cramps. Magnesium also helps you get into a deep sleep phase more often at night. This improves your sleep and makes you feel fitter and more productive.

6. Amino acids

Amino acids are an important component of the superfruit. We need them for a healthy metabolism, our immune system and also cell renewal.

You are not only interested in a healthy diet, but would you also like to lose a few pounds or maintain the weight you have just achieved? This super fruit can keep you from gaining weight!


Lose weight
This super fruit can keep you from gaining weight!

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You see: Noni juice is really healthy. Do you need more proof? Then take a look at recent studies that have looked at this superfood.

Study proves: Noni juice is a real power drink

A pharmacological laboratory study at the College of Pharmacy in Mumbai has found out to what extent the noni superfruit strengthens the immune system. Here, the research not only showed that the immune defense was improved. Infections and inflammation also had less chance of spreading in the body. The reason: The superfruit stimulates the formation of white blood cells, which are responsible for our immune system. In a test with mice, a study even found that the superfood binds free radicals and thus has a detoxifying effect. For this purpose, the leaves of the noni fruit were extracted and fed to mice. The scientists even suspect that these extracted leaves can prevent certain types of cancer. However, research here is still in its infancy.

Too much noni? That’s the right dose

As with all other super fruits, the right amount is crucial. An abundance of noni juice can even be toxic and cause liver damage. This is reported by the health portal “”. It is best to eat no more than two tablespoons a day. The researchers recommend diluting the noni juice and drinking it on an empty stomach. This is how it can best develop its effect. You shouldn’t drink more than 40 ml of this rather bitter juice a day. When buying in health food stores or a well-stocked drugstore, make sure to use the juice from the juice. Ideally, it is also certified organic. This guarantees you a super juice that is free from additives and is really good for your health.

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