Superfood insider tip for losing weight: This is why avocado oil is even better than coconut oil

Superfood insider tip for losing weight: This is why avocado oil is even better than coconut oil

Avocado oil not only helps you lose weight, but also conjures up beautiful skin.

We haven’t been able to do without avocado for a long time. Whether in a salad, on toast or with desserts. But the green superfood can do even more!

Avocado oil: perfect for losing weight

Avocado oil makes the pounds drop off. In contrast to the USA, avocado oil is still quite unknown to us. The oil consists of 76% monounsaturated fatty acids, which are particularly healthy for the body because the body cannot produce them itself and has to get them from plant-based foods. Avocado oil also contains the important vitamins A, D and E as well as the secondary plant substances chlorophyll and carotenoids.

If you consume three teaspoons of oil high in monounsaturated fat a day, your belly fat can shrink by 1.8 percent in 4 weeks. In addition, the vitamins and antioxidants contained in avocado oil strengthen your immune system.

The avocado seed is not easy to eat.  Nevertheless, it can be used well in powder form.

Healthy & useful
Often underestimated: the avocado kernel is so beneficial

Avocados are healthy – that’s what we think when we enjoy the green pulp. But the real vitamins are in the core.

Avocado oil: conjures up beautiful skin

Avocado oil is perfect for sensitive skin. Especially dry or cracked skin can be cared for with avocado oil thanks to the high content of palmitoleic acid. Because the active ingredient is particularly well tolerated, especially for sensitive skin. In addition, unlike other oils, avocado oil does not dry out the skin.

Another plus point for avocado oil is that it provides extra moisture. The hype about coconut oil is still going on, but avocado oil is even more moisturizing. The oil contains emulsifiers produced by plants, which allow vitamins A, E and D to be absorbed into the skin particularly well and are not greasy. The anti-inflammatory effect is particularly good against blackheads, pimples and large pores. And razor burn can also be prevented thanks to avocado oil. Instead of shaving cream, use avocado oil, massage it in a little, and then shave normally. Your skin is protected from cuts and thanks to the anti-inflammatory ingredients, there is also no razor burn.

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