Superfood That’s why pistachios help you lose weight – and are good for your nerves, digestion and heart

Superfood That's why pistachios help you lose weight - and are good for your nerves, digestion and heart

Are you looking for healthy snacks? How about a serving of pistachios? With their substantial proportion of valuable ingredients, the greenish nuts deserve the name “superfood”. They even help you lose weight.

Pistachios are a popular snack, pure and salted or in combination with other delicacies such as pralines or biscuits. Because they contain a comparatively high amount of calories, they have so far enjoyed a dubious reputation among people who would like to lose a few pounds – wrongly, as new scientific studies show. Accordingly, pistachios are not only very healthy as a superfood. They can even help in the struggle for a slim line.

Good for the nerves, digestion and the heart

In addition to fat (mainly unsaturated fatty acids) and protein, pistachios contain a lot of potassium and iron as well as vitamins E, A and B. In addition, there are folic acid and fiber.

This composition ensures that pistachios, as healthy snacks, have a number of positive effects on the body and mind.

  • They prevent cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.

  • The dietary fiber has a positive effect on digestion.

  • Vitamins from the B group strengthen the nerves.

  • The folic acid it contains is particularly valuable for pregnant women.

By the way: Strictly speaking, pistachios are not nuts, but rather “stone fruits”. The harvest is mostly done by hand and is very laborious – in addition to the high demand, this is one of the reasons why the superfood is anything but cheap.

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How pistachios help you lose weight

There’s no doubt about it: pistachios are high in calories. 600 calories per 100 grams, that doesn’t sound very tempting if you want to lose weight.

Amazingly, however, American researchers found that consuming pistachios does not increase the risk of obesity, but actually reduces it. One of the reasons for this is that the body does not process many of the unsaturated fatty acids contained in pistachios. At the same time, the high protein and fiber content in the greenish superfood helps to reduce the appetite for other – potentially unhealthy – foods. In addition, the necessary peeling ensures that pistachios are eaten slowly and consciously.

If you are a pistachio fan, this means for you that you can also and just then take it easy when you want to lose weight. Do not overdo it, however, otherwise the positive effect will turn into a negative.

Green is healthy – tips for choosing

Because of their high protein and fat content, pistachios are very susceptible to mold. So that you choose really healthy snacks when shopping, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • A deep green color is an indication of mold-free and healthy pistachios.

  • It’s best to buy the fruit with the skin on. So they are better protected. Plus you eat more slowly and more moderately.

  • If pistachios give off a musty smell or if they show brown or white moldy spots, you should “keep your distance”.

  • Once you have opened the pack, don’t leave it lying around open for a long time, but store it in a cool place and eat the contents as quickly as possible.

If you like to eat pistachios, you can not only enjoy the popular fruits pure. They are also available in pesto, cheese or sausage. Pistachio oil is ideal for tasty salad dressings.

Of course, the following applies here: If pistachios appear in connection with foods with a high sugar or fat content, their positive effects on health are limited – especially when it comes to losing weight.

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