Superfood This konjac tuber will help you lose weight easily


Lose weight without exercise and starvation? A wonder tuber from the Far East should make exactly that possible. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the konjac root.

Its tuber has been used in the kitchen for centuries, especially in Japan. There they are called konnyaku, which in turn leads to the name konjak root. In this country the miracle plant is known as the devil’s tongue.

The Japanese process the root into a fine powder and then further into numerous dishes. When mixed with water, it forms the basis for a pasta dough. Mixed with fruit juice, it creates a snack that is similar to our jelly.

Why does konjac help you lose weight?

This special property of the konjac root can be explained if you take a quick look at its nutritional values. The minerals magnesium, manganese, cobalt and copper are initially found there. Then a proportion of five to ten percent protein, which makes the plant interesting for a vegan or vegetarian diet. The rest is glucomannan.

Glucomannan is a fiber. But not just any fiber. Glucomannan is highly water-absorbent and can absorb fifty times its own weight in water!

Once in the digestive tract, the glucomannan swells to many times its original size. It will keep you full for hours. At the same time, konjac hardly contains any calories. There are just eight energy units for every 100 grams. You feel full, but you still don’t gain weight.

The “Baowow Slim Shake” also contains konjac root – no wonder the drink helps you lose weight. Here you can even get it exclusively 10 euros cheaper!

How do you eat konjac?

The easiest way to avoid hunger with konjac are tablets or capsules, which you can get in all pharmacies or health food stores. But who likes to swallow pills? After all, the palate also wants to be pampered.

No problem, we say, because konjac is child’s play to make noodle or rice. And you don’t even have to do that yourself because in all well-stocked supermarkets you can now find konjac products. The pasta selection is not limited to Asian glass noodles. There is also konjak spaghetti or penne.

Regardless of whether rice or noodles, konjac products are always completely tasteless. However, they have the excellent property of being able to take on any taste very quickly. So you can simply use your favorite recipe for your very own konjac meal.

Just season a little stronger than usual and prepare a small portion. In no time at all, you can conjure up a meal that tastes good, contains extremely few calories and prevents you from feeling hungry for hours.

Why you need more nutrients

You cannot live on the konjac root alone because it contains almost all fiber. You still have to consume all other nutrients. So there is no way around a portion of vegetables with your konjac noodles, some fish or meat and a yogurt for dessert. With all the calories you save with the miracle root, that’s no problem at all.

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