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They say that the best ideas come in times of trouble. Dreamfarm’s “clongs” couldn’t be a better example. At a family lunch or even when we are alone and want to cook, there is always a table support for serving cutlery. Result: dirty towels, mess and the danger of contaminating the utensil (I don’t know if it’s for that, but …). Dreamfarm’s invention is simple. It is very useful. With two supports along the rods of the handle, all problems are solved! There is no more dirt or work for those who wash the table cloth. In addition, the silicone tips do not scratch the bottom of the pans and withstand temperatures up to 260 ° C.
Clongs can be purchased, at first, on American sales sites, such as Amazon. And it certainly won’t be long before Brazilian stores make the product available here.

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