Surprise with the Ombré Sweets!

Surprise with the Ombré Sweets!

Some sweets make your mouth water just for looks, right? When we see a beautiful and colorful dessert, it is practically impossible not to feel like taking at least a little piece of it. To make such an impact on people, nothing better than an impeccable and creative presentation!
A very different and interesting way of assembling the candy is betting on gradient decoration. Although this ombré style is seen more in cakes, nothing prevents you from using it in cheesecakes or even in verrines.
Surprise with the Ombré Sweets!
Anyone who has been with me for some time already knows my recipe for strawberry ombré cake. If you have never seen this wonderful dessert, just click here. The effect produced by the dye makes the cake super special and authentic, making its appearance as incredible as the flavor.


Unlike cakes, in which the use of dye is more common, the color variations of the cheesecake cream can be achieved more naturally. Because red fruits and berries have stronger colors, they are one of the most traditional ways to create the ombré effect.
Fruit jelly, for example, is enough to bring a different shade to the cream, as you can see in my recipe for matcha, vanilla and strawberry cheesecake. Using powder from dried berries or even frozen berries is another alternative that works very well. Just dose different measures for each layer, so that you get different shades at the end of the preparation.


Surprise with the Ombré Sweets!

Photos: The Cook Book Life and Also The Crumbles Please

Super chocolaty cakes can also get a new face! Taking care when measuring cocoa powder, you will be able to create, for example, three colors in each layer of cake. One of them very dark and with a lot of chocolate, the other lighter and the last one without cocoa. Oh, and this same game can also be done with the filling. What about?

Surprise with the Ombré Sweets!

Photos: Duabu and Law Of Baking

If your proposal is for a very colorful and fun cake, abuse the colors! The dyes are usually well concentrated, so pay attention to the correct amount for each part of the cake. After all, we don’t always want that super vibrant and flashy color. Exploring the nuances of a single color can be fun even for kids who want to help when making dessert ?


Perfect for both parties and a small family gathering, verrines are often one of the most practical sweets to make. However, not everyone is concerned with how each layer will be built. So that you don’t make this mistake and make a beautiful and tasty dessert, use the ombré decoration for a different effect.
As with cheesecakes, use powdered or frozen fruit to make your favorite tones. If you want a more artificial color, like blue or green, just use the dye!
It is impossible not to be enchanted by this type of dessert setup! So, you can be sure that your sweets will be even more successful if you incorporate this style of décor ?

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