Susan Sideropoulos She reveals her secret figure: “Intuitive eating is the key”

Susan Sideropoulos She reveals her secret figure: "Intuitive eating is the key"

Susan Sideropoulos has been in public since she was 20 and is therefore not only exposed to constant criticism of her acting performance, but also of her appearance. Too thick? Too thin? The GZSZ star no longer wants to face this question. In the Marians Welt interview, the actress clears up her own long diet history and reveals why she is slimmer than ever since the subject of figure pressure was done for her once and for all.

For ten years she played Verena Koch in the cult series “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten”. In 2011 Susan Sideropoulos (39) finally hung up her GZSZ smock. The beautiful blonde has not disappeared from the public with her soap exit. She moderates, she acts, she dances, she sings and is a welcome guest on the red carpet at events. The half-Greek has over 150,000 followers on Instagram. And she recently surprised the slim mother of two with a clear announcement: “Diets are the biggest nonsense!”

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However, it took a long time for the soap star to realize this. Like almost every woman, Susan has made her experiences with the subject. “It started for me in my teenage days. I started my musical training at the age of 16. Of course you are constantly comparing yourself with the thin ballet girls there,” she confesses in an interview with Marians Welt. “I wasn’t fat, but also not as thin as the others. My figure was quite normal, but you don’t want to be normal.” So the native of Hamburg began to eat less, leaving out her beloved sweets in order to be able to keep up figuratively.

After the diet, Susan had gained weight

In her twenties, the now 39-year-old had long since completed her training, but the subject of diets was by no means ticked off. “I’ve tried a lot of diets, followed every diet trend and bought a lot of consumer books. You always wanted to get rid of those famous three to five kilos,” she remembers and admits, “I can’t remember a real sense of achievement I usually had more afterwards. ” Looking back, Susan draws a sad conclusion at the time: “It’s crazy. The subject of eating and losing weight has taken such a big place in my life, even though I only wanted to lose a little.”

But with her big TV breakthrough with the role of Verena Koch in “Gute Zeiten, Bad Zeiten”, the figure theme moved even more into focus. “The fact that my figure was always very sexy and revealingly dressed increased the pressure even more. Because it is true that television makes you fat. That is awesome. At the beginning I often heard at GZSZ that people were amazed when they saw me in person because I was much smaller and more petite than they thought, “says the actress and adds,” Looking back, I think it was a success that people could identify with the character. It fit to Verena that she was feminine and had curves. ” Still, Susan admits today, “I made up my mind to be a role model and to be proud of my curves. But to be honest, I didn’t feel 100 percent comfortable.”

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Your child led to a rethink

The mother-of-two only began to rethink when she was expecting her first child. “During pregnancy, I consciously listened to my body for the first time. I ate when I was hungry and until I was full. I only gained nine kilos during pregnancy. And that went away very quickly with breastfeeding, and me I lost even more, “she says and emphasizes,” I didn’t do it consciously, but learned from it that intuitive eating is the key. My focus was simply away from the topic of food and maybe that’s why my figure has changed . “

At first it was not even clear to the actress that she unconsciously follows a form of nutrition with her intuitive eating that is currently being hyped as a trend diet. “I don’t consciously do interval fasting. It’s just my rhythm. I’m not hungry in the morning. I don’t eat anything until 11 am and the last time at 7-8pm. So I have the 16: 9 rhythm all by myself It’s natural for me, “she explains, and that’s exactly what she advises other women who keep asking her for advice on nutrition:” Ask yourself, am I really hungry or do I just eat because I’m bored or a program tells me to? “

She finally feels good

The all-rounder has recognized: “When it comes to diets, the focus is too much on the fact that something doesn’t happen, that it only happens then. Everything revolves around the topic of food.” Exactly the opposite is the case with her today. “Sometimes I even forget to eat because I just don’t deal with the topic,” she says and can finally say of herself: “I feel good as I am and want to stay that way.”

Susan achieved her comfort weight with a healthy mindset instead of dieting. And that’s a diet trend that should really be taken as an example.

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