Swarovski cocktail look
Swarovski cocktail look

Swarovski cocktail look

swarovski-paris-danielle-noce-1 cocktail-book
Of course, a Swarovski cocktail asks for one thing: shine! The black dress with discreet sparkles from Talie Nk for Dona Santa is one of those finds of life! It’s basic, but at the same time super glamorous.
As the Parisian night is colder, I completed it with American Apparel socks, Arezzo ankle boots and a beautiful Kate Spade coat! Finally, nothing better than a Chanel bag. As the look already drew attention by itself, I decided to bet on a low ponytail – and look, I almost never wear it!
The cocktail was to honor the launch of the Swarovski book. The event was incredible! It was very crowded and even had the Caroline Vreeland show.
swarovski-paris-danielle-noce-2 cocktail-book

  1. Coat | Kate Spade
  2. Dress | Talie Nk for Dona Santa
  3. Pantyhose | American Apparel
  4. Ankel boot | Arezzo
  5. Purse | Chanel

Can you repeat the look?

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