Sweet Corner Bake Shop – NY

Here, the sunrise is not a good indicator that the day has started: it only starts after a cup of coffee. For West Side residents, then, it’s more precisely at 535 Hudson Street, Sweet Corner Bake Shop, our last stop on the Ant Trail in New York. The coffee served there contains Brazilian and Hungarian beans in its composition and this mixture gives a balance of flavor to the intensity of the Brazilian bean with the softness of the Hungarian. So, I started my day with a glass of coffee latte and a croissant. Great combination. For hot days, just ask for the iced version, the Iced Latte.
The Brazilian touch does not stop at the coffee bean – it is in the sweets too. How about a guava chessecake? I could even say that it is an American version of our cheese with guava.
We even find brigadeiro there. All this influence of Brazilian gastronomy is not only there due to the quality of our delicacies. After all, the two Brazilian chefs Patrícia and Rodolfo are in charge of the kitchen at Sweet Corner. From many honey loaves and after working in a crowded kitchen-studio room exploring the art of decorated cakes, the idea of ​​the Bake Shop came up and it has been a success for three years.
We also cannot fail to experience the so famous Chocolate Cookie with Salt Flower. As it is said there, it takes 4 different types of chocolate with 3 different types of love and fleur de sel from France. This salt flower came as a test accident (thankfully, as it is the biggest success of the bakery / confectionery).

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