Sweet Joy Brigaderia – Curitiba

Sweet Joy Brigaderia - Curitiba

This post is for you. That, yourself. Because if you read the word “brigaderia” up there, I’m sure I’m talking to a real fan of these soft and unforgettable balls of condensed milk. I can also say, with a lot of certainty, that Sweet Joy is a master in the art of making our mouths water by brigadeiros. The store I visited is at Shopping Crystal, but the Mueller and Curitiba malls have kiosks full of sweetness and unique flavors.
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The rolled brigadier is their flagship, of course. Even so, a product that is successful at Sweet Joy is the square brownie with brigadeiro topping. They also sell cupcakes, brigadeiro in the kitchen (you already saw the cuteness, right? No need for comments.), Tin biscuits and, amazing: a huge Kit Kat cake with M & M’s AND MORE brigadeiro. Now enough about that, I’m hungry.
Just kidding, I’ll tell you what I ate there. I chose a box with six different brigadeiros, or better, five, since I ordered two pistachios <3. I don't know if you agree with me, but if a person / shop / confectionery is good at the traditional brigadeiro, it is very likely that the other flavors are delicious. So there is nothing more fair than starting with “milk” and only then try the white chocolate, the lemon (I recommend without thinking twice), the milk nest (taste of sunny childhood) and, finally, close the eyes and feel the texture of the pistachio brigadeiro invade every taste bud eager for gastronomic ecstasy. It is worth trying each and every other flavor that should be as neat as the ones I tasted.
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The only negative point of all this is that I found it a bit expensive. Each ball costs R $ 3, even the simplest flavors. It depends … It’s worth trying, but if you love trying to reproduce the flavors at home, you are supported! And, between us, here on the website there are delicious recipes from brigadeiros ?
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Sweet Joy Brigaderia
Website: http://www.sweetjoy.com.br/site/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sweet-Joy-Brigaderia/290633780988236?fref=ts

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