Sweet Lemon Chronicle
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Sweet Lemon Chronicle

chronicle of sweet lemon ickfdphoto: GinaPhoto Society6
The truest sour in life is the lemon, because it sours you by choice. The sour that I always wanted to take from my chest today I put in my stomach. I miss the taste of the tahini lemon, the taste of my childhood, when, while delighting their gummy treats, one by one, I still twisted my face. Without the lemon you are shaking, when you smell your pupils dilate and when looking at your gominhos your saliva flees from your mouth. Sour is an addiction, the bitterness level increases and you always want more. I haven’t felt sour in the tahini lemon (the sourest of lemons) for years, now I don’t even feel anymore in the Sicilian lemon (the most fragrant of the species) and who knows, in the clove lemon (the sweetest), already the Galician lemon, among lemons, I have the least intimacy with. I know that if our relationship is not very good, it’s my fault that I never knew how to understand your way gauche. In my journey with the lemons, they taught me that even the sourness hides its sweetness. The lemon is sweet and the orange hides a perverse acidity in it, the acidity of the lemon is as innocent as my childhood. It is only in the sour that I find the sweetness that my life lacks, as if the sour, when it enters me, cleanses me. But how sour? I only feel sweet in the lemons I suck! Then I catch myself spooning the vinegar, and if it weren’t enough, getting drunk on it as if I were doing something wrong, with the same fear of the child who assaults the sugar pot and puts an unpretentious spoon down his throat. I get drunk with sour because it is part of my existence and I celebrate the sour and unpalatable pain of life. To flee from it is to alienate oneself from the bitterness intrinsic to reality. For me, nothing is unpalatable, the lemon no longer burns my lips, neither the tongue nor the throat, but when my stomach burns, it is as if I were more alive, I release more saliva and I have an appetite to live that sour. I live the ardor of life and it no longer makes me twist my face.

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