Sweets with cheese: Know which types to use

Sweets with cheese: Know which types to use

Who there loves to add sweet and salty? Depending on the ingredients, the flavors formed end up being quite unusual. But, in general, the combinations are delicious and please most tastes – even the most demanding!
Sweets with cheese, for example, are full of flavor and personality. Depending on the type of product, even the texture of the dessert is more authentic and delicious. So, for those interested in learning more about the use of cheese in confectionery, here is some very quick and practical information ?


pave tiramisu cake

Tiramisu pavé cake recipe

Although expensive, mascarpone is one of the best cheeses for sweets. For you to have an idea, the Tiramisu, Italian classic, uses this ingredient as a base! He is so adored within the universe of desserts for being lighter and almost sweet. That is, with a neutral flavor and divine texture.
In addition to the traditional tiramisù, with mascarpone you can also make
pave cake, Red Velvet Cake and Cake Strawberry Mousse. Oh, and of course those are just a few of the hundreds of options. Feel free to let your creativity flow!

Cream cheese


Cheesecake Romeo and Juliet

Another light cheese with a mild flavor is cream cheese. It serves both to break the sweetness of the desserts and also to make everything more creamy. Those who follow the recipes here on the site, for example, know that most of the creams and mousses contain the ingredient.
Let’s mention just a few of the candies: creamy pineapple cake with coconut, cheesecake Romeo and Juliet, chocotorta, passion fruit mousse cake


Ricotta biscuit

Photo: Giadzy

Made from whey, not rennet like most other cheeses, ricotta is a special product. Like marcpone and cream cheese, it is super versatile and still has the advantage of having few calories. To know how to use it, just look for pies and mousses that have this cheese among the ingredients and enjoy!

Bonus: gorgonzola, parmesan and minas cheese

cheese brigadeiro

Cheese brigadeiro recipe

The more daring can not fail to taste desserts with cheeses of more remarkable flavors. Gorgonzola and Parmesan, for example, are easily recognized. With regards to minas cheese, I recommend you try this incredible recipe for cheese brigadeiro. You will not regret it ?
Did you like the suggestions? Comment here if you already use these cheeses in the preparation of desserts!

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