Swiss Roll: 7 Infallible and Delicious Recipes
Swiss roll 7 infallible and delicious recipes

Swiss Roll: 7 Tips and Techniques for the Perfect Dessert!

Despite its European origin, the roulade is one of the most popular sweets here in Brazil. And don’t be fooled into thinking that roll cake and swiss roll are synonymous! Even following the same principle as the rolled and stuffed dough, the roll cake is made with a much finer dough and, for this reason, gains countless turns.
Still, this does not mean that preparing a good roll is simple. So, we have separated seven tips and tricks for you to prepare the perfect candy. They are small details that make all the difference both when preparing the dough, as well as assembling the swiss roll ?


As we are not talking about a cake that needs to grow a lot or gain volume, it is not necessary to use yeast to prepare the dough. And what do we use instead? Sodium bicarbonate!
This ingredient fulfills the role of yeast to make the dough softer, but with little volume – and that’s exactly what we need! Depending on the preparation, some recipes don’t even ask for the baking soda, so don’t be surprised if you miss it in the ingredients list


Confectionery is precision. This is the mantra that you must take to life whenever you prepare any dessert! To be more sure that the recipe will work, it is essential to follow the exact measures, avoiding any margin of error.
For spoon measurements, for example, use those measuring gauges, already with the standardized size. Give preference to follow recipes that measure most ingredients by grams, rather than “cups” or “cups”. The swiss roll pasta is very delicate and the more accurate the recipe, the better.


One of the most common mistakes regarding the preparation of the roll is the oven time. When the dough is overcooked, it becomes brittle, making it almost impossible to roll the cake. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on the temperature of the oven and the time that the dough will remain inside.
The tip is to keep an eye on time and touch the dough with your fingertips to feel the texture. If it is detaching from the fingers and dry, it is because it is already at the right point. And remember: it doesn’t have to be browned or dark!


Icing sugar is a great ally when rolling the cake, so be sure to sprinkle over the dough. After making a good layer of sugar, place a sheet of parchment paper on top and, with the help of another shape or grid, turn the dough. This way, it won’t stick to the paper and it will be much easier to roll ?


The filling also plays a very important role for the perfect roll. When too liquid, it ends up moistening the dough and dripping all over the cake. For this reason many end up not keeping the rolled shape or getting too difficult to roll without letting the filling escape.
The solution to avoid this problem is to bet on more creamy and consistent fillings, such as jams, ganaches it’s the traditional brigadeiro. Place a thin layer over the dough and roll it very carefully.


Another golden tip that makes all the difference! Taking advantage of the dough’s moisture while it is still warm is essential to roll the cake without breaking it. To keep it warm while preparing the filling, you can support the dough on a grid and cover with a dish towel. Then, when it is time to roll, do the procedure with icing sugar and gently fold the cake with the help of parchment paper.


If even after reading all the tips, you still feel afraid to prepare roulade, how about doing a test with an easier version of the candy? Reproducing the technique using a simpler recipe is a great workout, and takes the pressure off of having to hit the traditional roulade right away!
So, to gain a little experience with this ability to roll pasta, bet on this nest milk roulade with nutella. It’s super easy to make and the principle is the same as for roll pastry with cake dough ?
Got any more questions? Comment here! Then we can make another publication with more tips.

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