Table Decoration For The New Year
Table decoration for the new year

Table Decoration For The New Year

End of year is the time that we most often spend. After all, we always want to make some changes to the Christmas decoration. Not to mention all the gifts for family members! Besides, after Christmas we started to worry about the New Year’s supper.
So, for those who have spent a lot or want to end the year saving, how about making your own New Year’s Eve? We have already suggested some ideas for House decoration, but this year the subject will be on how to leave your most festive table. Most of the tricks are very simple and easy to do ?

Remembering that you should always let your creativity flow to the maximum. Imagination and originality are the keywords to make a decoration that has your face!


To give your plates, platters and trays a new look, bet on the gold! This color is the face of the holidays and manages to make everything look more lively.
If you like more discreet details, just a few golden ribbons on the white plates are enough to make you look beautiful. Those who are more skilled with this type of crafts can use gold leaf to achieve the same effect.


There are two incredible tips for making different drinks: festive chopsticks and golden sugar / glitter around glasses and cups. Pompoms for toothpicks can be made with the type of paper you prefer, such as laminated / metallized.
Another suggestion is to enjoy the Christmas decoration, like the “Christmas garland”, you know? The metallic wires can be cut into small pieces and placed on top of each toothpick. The result is as if fireworks are coming out of your drink.

Photos: Swoon Worthy and Purely Katie

One more detail that makes all the difference on the table are the cup holders. They are very easy to make: just buy the wooden, cardboard or panama paper bases and decorate them. Like the dishes, here the metallic adhesive paper can be used. Golden and silver inks also make the result beautiful!


Some minor details are always overlooked. However, they are often the icing on the cake. So, for you to leave nothing aside, also think about the decoration of cutlery and napkins. A small metallic ribbon is enough to bring life to this corner of the table.
If you intend to use candles, put them in jars that follow this same theme. They can be decorated with either glitter or gold leaf. Oh, and this tip is also valid for glasses and cups ?

Finishing touches

Finally, the finishing touches of the decor! After the table is set up, it’s time to think about what’s left to fix. Desserts, for example, can gain numbers by mimicking a countdown to the new year. Chopsticks with metallic ornaments are also super welcome on top of cakes and pies!
Leaving the table more alive, spread the beloved silver / gold garland on it. This type of article can be found in any of these houses for 1 real and cost very cheap.
NOTE: always remember that every detail is essential for the final composition of the table.
Ready to spend a very shiny and golden New Year’s Eve? I’m sure these tips will make your home much more festive and with a happy atmosphere ❤

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