Table Lamps
Table lamps

Table Lamps

However small it may seem, every detail counts when we are talking about decoration. Today, more than ever, I see that each piece and accessory brings a little of our personality to the environment and that is why we should not underestimate some items that may seem too simple at first.
The luminaires are certainly an example of this, because they can complement the decoration of an office table, a niche in a bookcase, a nightstand, a side table in the room … You can see that there are plenty of places to accommodate the piece, huh?

Photo: anthropology

And even if you are not doing a major renovation, but are already sick of some corner of the house, the lamps can be very useful. Aah, not to mention that indirect lighting is a great ally in intimate environments of the house such as bedroom and living room. Doubt? Just turn on a lamp or a small lamp in the dark room to see the difference it makes.

Photo: My Paradissi

Photo: Luminac Tumblr via Pinterest

Photo: 101 Recycled Crafts

The environment is instantly more cozy, but it is worth remembering that in these cases it is good to choose yellow lamps that bring this feeling of comfort and welcome ?

Photo: ID Lights

Photo: West Elm via Pinterest

Another very positive point of this item is the possibility of giving someone a gift. Sometimes, when we are looking for a cooler gift, we forget the various possibilities of decorative accessories and small lamps are excellent options!

Photo: Urban Outfitters


If you’re like me and you think every detail matters, you’re sure to be even more in love with this selection of 10 incredible pieces. Maybe they are not complements in your decor, after all, depending on the model chosen, it becomes the main focus in a corner of the house!

1- Oppa Design | R $ 264.00
2- Oppa Design | R $ 423.00
3- Etna R $ 129.90
4- House that has | R $ 270.00
5- Dafiti | R $ 223.00
6- Casa Mind | R $ 199.00
7- Oppa Design | R $ 240.00
8- Etna R $ 89.99
9- Imaginarium | R $ 179.00
10- American | R $ 119.70

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