Table Oven Platters
Table oven platters

Table Oven Platters

I admit that I have a certain passion for kitchen utensils and accessories – but you should already know that, right? However, I really like to invest in pieces and models that are not restricted to the kitchen, but that also make up the decoration of the table. The platters, obviously, are items that I love, because in addition to helping with preparation and assembly, they go straight to the table ?

Photo: Anthropologie

And unlike the plates and balls – which I prefer more minimalist versions -, when we talk about platters I like to vary the type of piece a lot. I have everything from overprinted ceramic versions to the classic refractory dish.

Complete recipe

Complete recipe

Complete recipe

Although I consider an oval glass dish almost a must in the kitchen, I confess that my favorite models are ceramic or porcelain. The colors don’t even have to be as vibrant as possible, but different textures and more rustic finishes always win me over.

Photo: The Kitchn

Photo: Etsy


Do you also like beautiful utensils and accessories to “complete” the decoration of the table and the kitchen? I made a selection of 10 platters for all tastes!

1- Oxford at Americanas – R $ 96.55
2- Store House Home Décor – R $ 160.00
3- Staub at Mickey – R $ 256.00
4- Bormioli on Etna – R $ 59.99
5- Le Creuset at Americanas – R $ 159.00
6- Store House Home Décor – R $ 139.00
7- Etna – R $ 79.99
8- Etna – R $ 79.99
9- Maran BR at Americanas – R $ 59.90
10- Creo on Etna – R $ 49.99

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