Table Paths to Enhance Décor

Table Paths to Enhance Décor

When it comes to decoration, it is impossible to deny when I love kitchen utensils and, of course, objects that complement the decor of a beautiful table. And when I talk about a table, I don’t just mean cutlery and crockery when serving; towels and, obviously, table runners are also pieces that delight me.
I confess that I like even more the rails that run horizontally or vertically on the table, because they decorate, but do not fully cover the top of the furniture. In addition, they are versatile: they can be used during a meal, over the towel creating a mix of textures and / or prints, or alone.

Table Paths to Enhance Décor

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The fabrics can be varied: linen, silk, cotton, lace, straw … It all depends on the type of decoration and the environment we are talking about! My favorite versions are those with a vintage touch – yes, models that resemble grandma’s. If you want to bet on more modern models, then I like prints and / or strong colors on a smoother fabric, like cotton.
Who knew that table runners would yield so many possibilities for composition, huh?


Smooth versions are the easiest to combine with towels, table tops and placemats! The models in cotton, linen and silk are the most common and easy to find ?
The fuller and more rigid fabrics are more formal; fluid models, on the other hand, have a cooler footprint that is all about outdoor areas.


Table Paths to Enhance Décor

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Arabesques, stripes, plaid, polka dots… Prints with a slightly more graphic footprint are excellent options for those who want to bring a touch of modernity to this area of ​​the house. Currently, there is no shortage of models in this style – at the end of the post you will find several ?


Do you have a more rustic style or are you looking for a model to complement the balcony decoration? Pieces in jute, straw and chintz are perfect! In addition to being more resistant, they are the perfect complements for a demolition or darker wooden table!


At the beginning of the post I said that I loved the models with a retro touch, right? The lace pieces – mainly Guipir -, crochet and even macramê bring this instant vintage footprint to the space.
For those who enjoy a more romantic decor, this type of model is also accurate. It is the details that really make the difference in this style!


Do you want to revitalize the dining room table or the balcony? There is no shortage of super stylish table runners! I selected 10 models and I hope that at least one of them will work in your decor ?
Table Paths to Enhance Décor
1- Stripes Table Runner at Storehouse Home Decor – R $ 126.00
2- Grid Table Runner at Casa que Tem – R $ 126.00
3- Home Style Blue Denim Table Runner in Camicado – R $ 49.90
4- Hope Table Run at Souq Store – R $ 27.30
5- Chita Table Runner at Tok & Stok – R $ 82.50
6- Black Arabesque Table Runner at Oppa Design – R $ 116.99
7- Indigo Table Runner at Storehouse Home Decor – R $ 149.00
8- Cosi Notebook Table Runner – R $ 122.00
9- Lace Table Runner from Home Style in Camicado – R $ 99.90
10- White Dutch Guipir Table Runner at Americanas – R $ 150.80

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