Table Set: Crockery and Accessories with Phrases
Table set crockery and accessories with phrases

Table Set: Crockery and Accessories with Phrases

Who doesn’t like to have beautiful crockery and table accessories to serve that special dish (or dessert)? I’m suspicious when it comes to mixing food and decoration, but impossible to deny that the right pieces make everything even more irresistible, right?
I’ve been more passionate about colorful pieces and full of prints, but for some good years I have preferred more delicate, white and subtle touches of color. However, I need to emphasize that minimalist dishes are not necessarily basic, okay?

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Phrase templates are great examples of this. In addition to making the pieces more charming, the phrases can be fun and affectionate, you know? I find a delicacy that makes all the difference! The dessert plates and dishes with the detail, for example, are much more special.

Photo: Plonores

Photo: Etsy via Pinterest

Another piece that I love with the detail is the bowl. The phrases on the edges of the bowls and the bottom are my favorites ?

Photo: lestroischouettes Tumblr

Photo: Anthropologie

Cups, knives, spatulas and even napkins also look beautiful with that special touch, right?

Photo: Etsy via Pinterest

Photo: Whimsy Decor

Photo: Samantha Shavin via Pinterest


Luckily for us, it is now easier to find incredible options here in Brazil and I obviously would not fail to make a super special selection. I separated 10 beautiful pieces to complement the decoration of your table ?

1- Imaginarium’s “A Portion of What I Like” Bowl – R $ 49.90 | Imaginarium “Special of the Day” Bowl – R $ 49.90
2- Cosi Home “Stay, Cake” Cake – R $ 370.00
3- Napkin Holder “Bon Appetit” at Villa Pano – R $ 14.00
4- “Happy Happy” and “Happy Everything” Spatulas Set at Storehouse Home Decor – R $ 112.00
5- Porcelain Spatula for Cake “Why does dessert come at the end ??” at Villa Pano – R $ 72.00
6- Bowl for “No Double Dipping” Sauce at Storehouse Home Decor – R $ 79.00
7- “Tá Sujo Aí Óh” Paper Napkins (20 units) at Cosi Home – R $ 34.00
8- “Drunk in Love” bottle at Casa Mind – R $ 59.00
9- Round Table “Play for Gluten” at Cosi Home – R $ 177.00 | Long board “With Lactose Please” at Cosi Home – R $ 177.00
10- Porcelains Cup “Happy Everything” at Villa Pano – R $ 38.00

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